Bachelors (BA) in Biblical Studies

The biblical studies major offers a 37- or 38-semester-hour course of study designed to provide students a good foundation for some church ministries, work with youth and parachurch organizations, teach Bible in Christian school settings, and pursue graduate work in Bible and theology. The student who majors in Bible will acquire an in-depth working knowledge of Scripture, its backgrounds, and methods of interpretation. Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C- in all courses taken for the major. A minimum of 18 semester hours must be from upper-division courses (including at least 6 semester hours at the 400 level).

Degree Outcomes

Graduates with a BA in biblical studies will:

  • Demonstrate seminary-ready (beginner–intermediate) competency in classical Biblical Hebrew at a first-year level or New Testament Greek at a second-year level
  • Explain the historical-social circumstances of the books within both the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and the Christian New Testament
  • Create a scholarly argument that incorporates a historical and theological perspective as well as the students' knowledge of Hebrew or Greek
  • Articulate basic content knowledge of the Christian Bible and explain how biblical concepts, theories and skills interact with the content of disciplines outside of biblical studies

Major Requirements

BIBL 290 Biblical Interpretation 3
BIBL 490 Biblical Theology 3
RELI 380 Christian Beliefs 3

Select one year of biblical language:
GREK 201/202 Hellenistic Greek I and II  or 8
HEBR 201/202 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew I and II 8

Students must choose one of the following courses:
CHMN 320 Relational Bible Teaching 2
CHMN 420 Speaking as Ministry 3

Biblical studies (BIBL) coursework
  • BIBL 100 Bible Survey (4) may not be applied to the major
  • One semester of BIBL 101 Literature of the Old Testament (3) or BIBL 102 Literature of the New Testament (3) may be applied as biblical studies credit
  • GREK 301/302 Hellenistic Greek III and IV may be applied as biblical studies credit
  • No more than 2 semester hours in BIBL 495 Special Study may count toward major requirements