Bachelors (BA) in Interdisciplinary Studies: Christian Ministries

An interdisciplinary studies major may be elected through application and approval of the Christian studies faculty. The student must show how the proposed major meets reasonable academic and vocational objectives. An interdisciplinary studies major in Christian ministries consists of 48 semester hours – 24 hours as specified below and 24 hours in another major field.

For the Christian ministries block, the student will select one of four concentrations which will specify the CHMN coursework to be completed: church recreation, educational ministry (Shared Praxis), missions or youth ministry.

Major Requirements

Biblical Studies (6 hours)
Biblical studies (BIBL) coursework
  • BIBL 100 Bible Survey (4) may not be applied to the major
  • One semester of BIBL 101 Literature of the Old Testament (3) or BIBL 102 Literature of the New Testament (3) may be applied as biblical studies credit
Christian Ministries (12 hours)
CHMN 130 Christian Discipling (3) 3
CHMN 360 Perspectives in Christian Education (3) 3

Christian ministries (CHMN) coursework (as specified above)

Religion (3 hours)
RELI 380 Christian Beliefs (3) 3
Philosophy (3 hours)
Students must choose 3 semester hours of philosophy (PHIL) coursework 3

Also offered is an interdisciplinary block in the area of camping ministries utilizing the requirements of a camping minor. Details are available from the Christian Studies Degree Program page.