Christian Ministries: Educational Ministry Minor

18-20 credit hours

Minor Requirements

CHMN 391 Shared Praxis I: Introduction to Educational Ministry 4
CHMN 392 Shared Praxis II: Christian Theology Related to Ministry 4
CHMN 491 Shared Praxis III: Methods and Skills in Ministry 4
CHMN 492 Shared Praxis IV: Supervised Field Experience 4

Students must choose one of the following courses:
CHMN 130 Christian Discipling 4
CHMN 360 Perspectives in Christian Education 3
CHMN 390 Theological Foundations of Christian Ministry 3

Biblical studies (BIBL) coursework
  • BIBL 100 Bible Survey (4) may not be applied to the minor
  • One semester of BIBL 101 Literature of the Old Testament (3) or BIBL 102 Literature of the New Testament (3) may be applied as biblical studies credit