Bachelors (BSW) in Social Work

The CSWE accredited bachelor of social work degree offers a 126-semester-hour course of study, 63 hours of which are prescribed social work course work that is designed to prepare students for professional social work practice with diverse populations in a variety of settings. This includes work with individuals and couples (micro level); families and small groups (mezzo level); and agencies, institutions, community and church organizations (macro level). There is an emphasis on generalist practice that values the uniqueness, dignity and needs of all people. Generalist practice is oriented toward analyzing and addressing problems with micro, mezzo and macro skills and perspectives.

The program courses are designed to include academic social work and field experience/practicum requirements within a liberal arts context. This enables the student to link social research with social work practice. The program prepares students to work in a variety of social work and social welfare settings, as well as to seek admission into graduate programs like the Master of Social Work (MSW) program at George Fox University. Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of C in all courses taken for the major.

Degree Outcomes

Graduates with a BSW in social work will:

  • Acquire the social work ethics, values, skills and knowledge needed to analyze and understand the development and interrelationship of diverse world views, issues in social justice, and basic human needs
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills and values necessary to understand and affect the interrelationship between an individual and his/her environment at the macro, mezzo and micro levels
  • Work effectively within diverse social contexts, structures and change processes in their practice
  • Understand how their personal faith integrates with social work and apply that to their practice
  • Be prepared for graduate social work education and will be committed to continual development in their professional field

Admission to Social Work Degree (BSW)

Students interested in pursuing a degree in social work should consult with a social work advisor as soon as possible. All students interested in social work as a degree must make formal application to the program. 

Major Requirements

PSYC 150 General Psychology 3
SOCI 150 Principles of Sociology 3
SWRK 180 Introduction to Social Work 3
SWRK 220 Writing for Social Work Practice 3
SWRK 290 Diversity Issues in Social Work 3
SWRK 331 Human Behavior in the Social Environment 3
SWRK 333 Human Rights and Social Justice 3
SWRK 340 Statistical Procedures 3
SWRK 370 Developing Social Work Professional 3
SWRK 391 Social Work Practice I 3
SWRK 392 Social Work Practice II 3
SWRK 393 Social Work Practice III 3
SWRK 420 Mental Health and Substance Abuse 3
SWRK 440 Social Work Research Methods 3
SWRK 460 Social Policy 3
SWRK 475 Field Experience/Practicum I 3
SWRK 476 Field Experience/Practicum II 3
SWRK 477 Field Experience/Practicum III 3
SWRK 490 Senior Seminar 3

Students must choose 6 hours from the following courses:
SWRK 321 Family Violence 3
SWRK 322 Death, Loss, and Grief 3
SWRK 400 Child Welfare 3
SWRK 410 Social Work with Older Adults 3
SWRK 485 Selected Topics 3