American Culture and Language (ACLA) Courses

ACLA 481 Reading and Vocabulary for Academia
3 hours. The goal of this course is to develop facility in reading and synthesizing a variety of academic texts and literary genres. Students will increase their academic vocabulary, ability to comprehend complex syntax, reading rate, and comprehension. This course prepares students for the reading required in academic graduate programs.

ACLA 482 Writing and Research for Academia
4-5 hours. The goal of this course is facility in the conventions of academic writing in English, including the effective use of complex sentence structure, essay organization, academic vocabulary and source material. Students develop research skills using library sources and effectively integrating their findings into research essays by appropriately summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting and citing sources.

ACLA 483 Speech and Listening for Academia
 2-3 hours. This course builds fluency, grammatical and pronunciation accuracy, academic vocabulary, competence in classroom discourse, and oral presentation skills, as well as listening comprehension and note-taking skills for various styles of academic lectures and discussions.

ACLA 484 Research and Study Skills
4 hours. This course focuses on developing skills related to academic research and study skills appropriate for graduate study in the U.S. As they conduct library research, students will learn how to select research tools; locate, retrieve, analyze and critically evaluate information; organize and present information according to accepted scholarly standards, including citing sources, summarizing and paraphrasing; and recognize the ethical ramifications of research. Graduate study skills include taking responsibility for one’s learning and time management, preparing for and participating in classes, and developing appropriate, effective learning strategies. This course includes assignments related to the student’s field of graduate study.

ACLA 485 Selected Topics
3 hours. Occasional special courses are chosen to fit the needs and interests of students.

ACLA 490 United States Culture
3 hours. In this course, students will explore U.S. culture and their home culture in seven dimensions: worldviews (ways of perceiving the world), cognitive processes (ways of thinking), linguistic forms (ways of expressing ideas), behavioral patterns (ways of acting), social structures (ways of interacting), communication patterns (ways of communicating), and motivational resources (ways of deciding). They will apply insights as they observe and participate in American culture – in social, educational and professional contexts.