For Catholics

Is it okay for me to participate in Protestant communion?

It depends who you ask.  The Catechism doesn't have much to say on the topic, only presenting the law that one must be a baptized Catholic to receive the Holy Eucharist.  

But how about the reverse?  You're there in Chapel or a small gathering with other students and the leader announces that you're all going to share in the Lord's Supper.  You feel anxiety rising, torn between wanting to participate in unity with others present but not wanting to betray your Catholic heart and the most sacred of all sacraments.  What to do?

Well, it depends who you ask.  Some Catholic theologians say it is inappropriate for Catholics to receive bread and juice that are merely symbols of Christ.  Others  contend that doing so is okay as long as the Catholic understands that they are not receiving the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ, and they focus on unity with their Protestant brothers and sisters; in short, it is a matter of conscience.

For more: see "Who Can Receive Communion?" from Catholic Answers.


Can I catch a ride to Mass or Reconciliation?

Absolutely!  Members of the CCF are committed to ensuring Catholics at Fox have access to the sacraments.  Just shoot an email out to and someone will respond with a ride.