International Travel Procedures

All faculty members must notify the Center for Study Abroad at least two months before international travel.  Once the Center for Study Abroad office is notified, the trip leader needs to complete the online International Travel Form (
The group leader then submits electronic copies of the following:

  • Air Itinerary
  • Trip Itinerary

And makes sure that students complete and submit the following:

  • Liability form – upload signed forms.
  • Medical Information form

Complete the following:

  • All participants (faculty, staff, students and family members) must complete the International Traveler Information form.  We will send you the link for your groups form.
  • Register with S.T.E.P. (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program)
  • Register with AIG travel insurance and sign up for travel alerts for your trip -
  • Review safety manual with all students – this manual can be found on the shared general Google folder.
  • Review Faculty Handbook that is located on the shared general Google folder.            

Students (and faculty) are expected to abide by all GFU standards on University International Travel trips.  Faculty have the authority to send students home early, BUT this option should be used only in extreme circumstances. See Safety section  for procedure to send a student home. 
Cancellation of Trips
Trips should be canceled if there is undue concern about the safety of students due to political, or other serious safety issues. Trips may also be canceled due to low student numbers.