Protocol for Leader Illness

  1. Immediately initiate emergency protocol.
  2. Begin a written log of symptoms, communications, and actions as the situation progresses including date, time, actions take, etc.
  3. If illness worsens go to a medical facility.
  4. Contact and begin GFU international insurance claim.
  5. Contact the Center for Study Abroad office.
  6. The Center for Study Abroad will communicate with appropriate on-campus persons including the GFU Health and Counseling Center.
  7. The Center for Study Abroad will communicate with the ill leader about the best treatment alternatives.
  8. If necessary, assist with logistics for the return of faculty to the US.
  9. The healthy co-leader will remain in close contact with the Center for Study Abroad regarding situation status.
  10. The healthy co-leader will continue with the course/trip, keeping in close contact with co-leader.