Non-University Participants

The following are general guidelines for non-university travelers.

Academic: That groups participating in George Fox course work or service opportunities delivered overseas be comprised of individuals whose primary objective is learning and serving, not leisure. 

Financial: That George Fox University students do not subsidize the travel costs of auxiliary personnel and/or travelers.

Liability: That all individuals accompanying the trip be officially known and approved by the University, and that all participants agree to follow the guidelines and parameters of the George Fox-run international programs. Likewise, that the insurance status of all travelers be clarified before departure.

All travelers MUST fill, read, and sign the appropriate liability form and complete the online International Traveler Information form.

Ethos: That all group participants be compatible with George Fox ethos and are willing to abide by the community covenant.

Priorities:  Please understand that even though the family member is allowed to accompany a group, the primary responsibility of the faculty member(s) is for the students.

Categories of Travelers:

Immediate Family Members: It is possible for spouses and school-age children of an educator group leader to accompany the group while they are studying or serving abroad. If participating in an academic opportunity (such as cross-cultural courses), such family members are not required to take the course for audit or credit. No subsidy for their expenses, however, should come from student tuition or fees, and the University cannot assume additional expense in order to accommodate non-participant individuals accompanying the trip. It is important, however, for the University to be aware of the total roster of family members accompanying an official George Fox group, and to address basic liability, health, and logistical issues. 

Younger Children of Group Leaders:  In most cases it is not advisable for younger children to accompany student groups on credit-bearing international courses or service experiences. The 24-hour demands of delivering academic course work or leading a service group overseas leave little time or energy to tend to the needs of young children.  The concern here is that students' access to group leaders not be compromised by competing demands. Requests for special permission should be directed to the appropriate Dean.

Spouses of Trip Leaders: The spouse of a trip leader may also request to accompany the group. It is important that student fees or fundraising not subsidize the travel expenses of the leader’s spouse.