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Juniors Abroad Eligibility

Eligibility Rules for Juniors Abroad

1. Good Standing: You must be in good standing with student life. Previous lifestyle violations will affect eligibility including the possibility of  not being able to participate.

2. GPA: You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.

3. You must be in your third year of school at George Fox or be a transfer student from a community or four year college.

For non-transfers who are graduating early:

Those who expect to graduate after three years:  If you are going to graduate in three years after you enter George Fox you must wait until your third year.  You will sign up in the spring of your second year.  This will mean you go after you graduate.  There will be a “buy-in” fee. You will have the same priority as a Junior.

Running Start Student:  If you are going to graduate after two years you can obtain special permission to go on Juniors Abroad after your second year.  There will be a “buy-in” fee. You will have the same priority as a Junior.

For transfers:
For registration purposes you will be treated as regular George Fox students. There will be a “buy-in” fee.

(The amount of the “buy-in”  fee will be based on the number of semesters you are enrolled at George Fox University. A typical student would be enrolled at George Fox for a total of eight semesters.  The current “buy-in” fee is $250 per semester that you are NOT enrolled at George Fox.)

4. Medical

Medical Release form is due in November
Immunizations:  You must have ALL childhood vaccinations if you are to participate in Juniors Abroad. Some trips will require additional immunizations.
• Some trips will require that students visit the George Fox Health Center for a check up.