Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox

France to Italy

Faculty: Nick Willis, Jim Smart
Class Meeting Time: Thursday



This trip will highlight the history and development of science in Europe. The trip will start in Paris where we will experience great works of architecture. Historic buildings we will visit include Versilles, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower. The museums we will visit in Paris will include the Musee d’Arts e Metiers and the Louvre. We will then make a quick stop in Geneva to visit CERN. CERN is home to the world’s largest particle accelerator and is at the cutting edge of modern physics research. From Geneva we will travel to Munich where we will visit the Deutches Museum of Science, tour a BMW Factory, take a short day trip to tour a castle, and visit the Dachau concentration camp.  Next, we will visit Salzburg where students will visit a Fortress and travel to the top of a mountain by cable car. On our way to Venice, we will stop in the small town of Hallstatt, where we will take a tour of a working salt mine and spend time in the amazing countryside of Austria.  We will then continue on to Venice where we will learn more about the canals of Venice along with their construction and maintenance. In Venice, we will discuss Galileo and his contributions to Science and Mathematics. We will then travel to Florence to see Michelangelo’s David and to see the architecture of the Duomo. Finally, we will end our trip in Rome where we will visit sights including the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, the Vatican Museum, and St. Peter’s Cathedral. This trip will require a moderate to high level of walking every day.

Preliiminary Itinerary

Day Where Sleep Activity
Day 1 Fly to Paris Plane Traveling
Day 2 Arrive in Paris Paris Boat Tour/Eiffel Tower
Day  3 Paris Paris Musee d’Arts e Metiers/
Notre Dame/Arch 
Day 4 Paris Paris Louvre
Day 5 Paris Paris Versailles
Day 6 Paris Geneva Travel
Day 7 Geneva Munich CERN/Neuschwanstein
Day 8 Munich Munich Dachau/BMW Factory
Day 9 Munich Munich Deutsches Museum
Day 10 Munich Salzburg Explore Salzburg
Day 11 Salzburg Salzburg Fortress/Mountain
Day 12 Salzburg Hallstatt Travel to Hallstatt / Free Day
Day 13 Hallstatt Hallstatt Salt Mine / Ice Caves
Day 14 Hallstatt Venice Travel
Day 15 Venice Florence St. Mark's
Day 16 Florence Florence Acadamia/Duomo
Day 17 Florence Rome Afternoon in Rome
Day 19 Rome Rome Coloseum, Forum, Pantheon
Day 20 Rome Rome Vatican/St. Peters
Day 21 Fly home