Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox

Rome to Paris - JUNE

Faculty: Adam Haldorson, Elizabeth Andersen
Class Night: Wednesday



NOTE:  This trip will meet for class during the spring semester and travel in June. Spring Junior and Senior athletes have priority for this June trip.  However, other students are welcome if space is available.

This study will take a tour of Europe starting in Rome and ending in Paris. We will spend time in Italy, Austria, Germany, and France during the course of this trip. The course will focus on the regions history and culture with a secondary emphasis on how those elements have shaped modern western society.  In preparation for the trip, students will explore the general history and culture of the countries to be visited through readings and presentations.

Key experiences of the trip include stays in Rome where we will visit classic Roman sites, modern major sites, and the Vatican.  From Rome we will also visit Pompeii then travel to Florence where we will explore and experience important renaissance works such as Michelangelo’s David. From Florence we will go to Cinque Terre with a focus on experiential learning including hiking, absorbing the atmosphere and culture of rural and beautiful Italian villages. Following Cinque Terre we will make a brief one day stop in Venice. From Italy we will travel North to Austria and visit the historically rich and picturesque city of Salzburg. While in Austria we will take brief trips to the Alps and Hitler’s famous retreat the Eagles’ Nest or to the town of Hallstatt. From Salzburg we will travel to Munich and visit a variety of historical sites including Neuschwanstein Castle, the Nazi death camp at Dachau, and much more. The trip will then culminate with Paris. While in Paris we will explore the sights and sounds of Paris, including a day trip to Normandy, the Louver, Notre Dome, the Arc De Triomphe, the Champs-Elysees, and on the final night of the trip we will climb the Eiffel tower to experience the sunset over on of the most beautiful cities of the world.       

Preliminary Itinerary  

      Day 1: Depart from PDX                                            

      Day 2: Rome- Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon, The Spanish Steps

      Day 3: Rome- The Coliseum, Palatine Hill, Capitoline Hill,

      Day 4:Rome- St. Peters Basilica, The Vatican City, Sistine Chapel

      Day 5: Rome/Naples/Pompeii- Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site at Pompeii

      Day 6: Rome/Florence- Free time in the morning in Rome, Travel to Florence

      Day 7: Florence- The Academia, Duomo, and Michelangelo Park

      Day 8: Florence/Pisa/Cinque Terre- Leaning Tower, Travel to Monterosso

      Day 9: Cinque Terre- Hiking, Village Exploration, and Relaxing Beach Day

      Day 10: Cinque Terre/Venice- Travel to Venice, Free exploration of the city

      Day 11: Venice/Salzburg- Travel to Salzburg, Group dinner

      Day 12: Salzburg- Sound of Music Tour, Trip up into the Alps

      Day 13: Salzburg- Day trip to Halstatt or the Eagles Nest, Free time

      Day 14: Salzburg/Munich- Trip to Dachau

      Day 15: Munich- Olympic Park, BMW Factory, Free time

      Day 16: Munich- Neuschwanstein

      Day 17: Munich/Paris- Notre Dame, Arc De Triumph, Champ Elysees

      Day 18: Paris/Normandy- Visit and explore D-Day sites

      Day 19: Paris- Versaille, Free Time

      Day 20: Paris- Luvre, Free time, Eiffle Tower at Sunset

      Day 21: Paris/Portland- Travel Home