Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox

India/Sri Lanka

Faculty: Steve Winterberg, Jeff Tatum
Class Meeting: Monday, 6:30 - 9:00 PM

Our South Asian journey will focus on northern India, the land of the centuries-old Mughal culture, the British Raj, and the melting pot of world religions.  In the course of three weeks,we will visit significant shrines, temples, mosques and religious sites of Hindus,Sikhs,Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists, Jains, Baha’i, and Christians.  We will see the TajMahal, an ancient fort, houseboats on Dal Lake, the Ganges River, the high altitude desertregion of Ladakh (on the Tibetan Plateau), and the Himalayas.  

Along the way, we will experience a wide variety of cuisines.  We will have opportunities to trek, engage in whitewater rafting, or ride bikes in the Himalayas, and shop in Indianmarkets. Rishikesh, one Hindu holy site on the Ganges river, connects with the storiesof Lord Rama within Hindu thought.  and shop in Indian and Kashmiri open-airshopping markets.  We will visit Rishikesh a holy site on the Ganges River, whichconnects with the stories of Lord Rama within Hindu thought.

We will also visit a local Christian school for the blind, which has been run by Indian Christians for thirty years.  There we will work with the students and help with the facilities, and hear what it is like to live and serve amidst such religious diversity.

Note:  We will encounter various conditions, from Western hotels to extreme poverty, 110-degree days to high humidity.

Additional immunizations will be required.

Tentative Itinerary

Days 1 & 2 – PDX to Delhi

Day 3 – Delhi - We will get some rest, visit an Indian market and buy some Indian clothes. We will visit the Lotus Temple (Baha’i Temple), which is built in the shape of a lotus flower. We will also visit Qutb Minar, which is a Muslim minaret built on the site of an old Hindu temple.

Day 4 – Delhi – We will visit Old Mughal Delhi, a Jain Temple, Jama Masjid (a beautiful Mughal mosque), India gate (like Arch de Triumph), and Humayun’s Tomb (a mausoleum to a Mughal ruler that is red and looks similar to the Taj Mahal)

Day 5 – We will travel to Agra, experience the Taj Majal, the Agra Fort, which is where Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan was deposed and imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb. We will stay the night in Agra.  

Day 6 –. We will travel to Leh in Ladakh (on the Tibetan Plateau but controlled by India). Leh sits at approximately 11,500 ft above sea level.  It is high altitude desert and simply breathtaking.

Day 7 –. We will visit several Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and temples in the Ladakh region

Day 8 – We will try to whitewater raft, trek, or ride bikes to (or from if you are older than 30) Khardung La, which some say is the highest motorable road in the world at Leh – Whitewater Rafting, Trekking, Khardung La at an altitude of 17,500 ft.

Day 9 – We will travel back to Delhi, rest, and eat at Western restaurants.

Day 10 – We will travel to Dehradun and visit Mussorie, which is a place the British would go to escape the heat on the plains.

Day 11&12 – We will serve in a local school for people who are blind run by Indian Christians.

Day 13 – We will take a day trip to Haridwar and Rishikesh, which are Hindu holy sites along the Ganges River.

Day 14 – We will travel to Amritsar in Punjab.

Day 15 – We will visit the Golden Temple, which is the center of Sikhism.

Day 16 – We will travel to Delhi

Day 17 – Fly to Sri Lanka

Day 18 – We will visit Sigiriya, an ancient rock fortress.

Day 19&20 – Spend time relaxing on the beach and/or ride elephants.

Day 21 - Fly to PDX