Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox


Faculty: Kevin Jones, Dawn Ford
Class Meeting: Wednesday, 6:30 - 9:00 PM

There will be an additional cost of $25 for Visa's.  (More information will be given in class)

 This course will celebrate and explore the culture, history, vegetation and wildlife of Peru, the Incan Empire, and the Amazon River.  We will experience Lima, the largest city in Peru with all the food, dancing, industry, and culture it has to offer.  We will travel to the ancient ruins of the Incan Empire in Machu Picchu and explore the history behind this ancient civilization. 

The highlight of the trip will be a week spent on the Amazon River.  The visit to the Amazon River will include boating trips to visit local tribes, hiking excursions through the jungle, and walks through the canopy of the Rain Forest.  Students will have opportunities to explore the mysteries of the Amazon from the natives living along the river, to the marine life in the river, go canoeing with rare fresh water dolphins, go fishing for piranha!!, observe and study the animals living and thriving along side the river, and discover the vegetation in, on and around the river. 

Additional immunizations will be required.

Tentative Itinerary

Day 1:  PDX to Lima, Peru

Day 2:  Lima -  We will take a tour of the city via private coach with a drive to historic downtown Lima.

Day 3:  Cusco – We will travel to Cusco, Peru

Day 4:  Cusco – We will tour several archaeological sites including the Koricancha Temple, an old Incan palace and main center for the worship of the sun god, Inti.  The tour continues with visits to three archaeological sites: Qenko, Puca-Pucara, and Tambomachay, important religious and administrative centers for the Incas

Day 5:  Cusco – We will take Taxi’s to the top of a hill overlooking the city of Cuzco where we will explore the Sacsayhuaman Fortress built of enormous stone blocks expertly shaped by the Incas. 

Day 6:  Cusco -  We will take the day to visit Chinchero, a small town built in the 1400’s.    The townsfolk are famous for having preserved traditional Andean spinning and weaving techniques, and they set up a market in the town square to sell their handmade crafts to visitors.  Prepare to shop till you drop!

Day 7:  Cusco – Travel to Aguas Calientes by Vistadome train and visit the ancient empire of Machu Picchu.   Upon arrival, we will ride a bus to the Machu Picchu archaeological site and discover this new Wonder of the World:  an unforgettable experience

Day 8:  Aguas Calientes – Free day to explore Aguas Calientes, visit the hot springs and the beautiful scenery.

Day 9:  Cusco  – We will travel back to Cusco for a free day.

Day 10:  Lima – We will travel from Cusco back to Lima.

Day 11:  Lima - Day trip to Miraflores area and day at the Beach in Lima to rest and relax.

Day 12:  Iquitos, Amazon River - Fifty-mile boat ride journey down the Amazon River.

Day 13:  Amazon River - Morning hike along the "Bushmaster Trail.”  Afternoon canoe trip along the Amazon in search of either of the two species of freshwater dolphin found in the river.

Day 14:  Amazon River -  Boat ride down the Amazon and up the Napo River.  Afternoon hike through primary, terra firme rainforest. Evening excursion by open boat along the Sucusari Stream in search of caiman and to enjoy the night sounds and stars of the Southern sky.

 Day 15:  Amazon River - Morning hike to the Canopy Walkway, a suspended bridge spanning 500 meters (one-third of a mile), connected by tree platforms and reaching a height of over 35 meters (115 feet) above the forest floor.  Afternoon excursion to a black water oxbow lake formed when water from the Napo River became separated from the main flow of the river.

Day 16:  Amazon River - Morning boating excursion along one of the Napo tributaries spotting for sloth, birding and fishing for piranha. Also a chance to visit some of the local river people called "ribereños" whose houses are seen along the river.

Day 17:  Amazon River - Morning visit to the neighboring Yagua Indian Community, an explanation of their native culture, blow gun demonstration and a chance to purchase or trade for their crafts.

DAY 18:  Amazon River – Your choice of open boat ride or hike for the morning or a chance to relax in a hammock and enjoy the sounds of the surrounding rainforest

Day 19:  Iquitos – Travel to Iquitos with a free day in Iquitos.

Day 20:  Lima – Travel to Lima

Day 21:  Lima to Portland