Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox

Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia

Faculty: David J. Martínez
Meeting time: Monday 6:30-9:00pm

Student Cost: $2,200

Southeast Asia is a region that represents a unique melding of multiple cultures and religions, as well as providing a rich array of natural beauty and opportunities for adventure. This course is intended as an exploration of these factors for the cross-cultural formation of students who are likely unfamiliar with this region. We will explore the political, social, and religious history of the countries we will travel to, namely Singapore (including some time in neighboring Malaysia), the Philippines, and Indonesia. Along with the cultural components, we will also bask in the beauty of untouched, remote island beaches, swim with whale sharks in the open water, view the sunrise from Mt. Batur in Bali, and “monkey around” at the Sangeh Monkey Forest. Additionally, we will enjoy white water rafting and ziplining in Bali. This trip has something for everyone!

Tentative Itinerary:

Day 1:             Arrive in Singapore

Day 2:             Walking Tour around Singapore, visit Gardens by the Bay, Night Safari

Day 3:             Visit local Seminary (Trinity), tour grounds, meet and interview Christian leaders from different denominations

Day 4:             Day trip to Kuala Lumpur: we will visit local Buddhist and Hindu temples, hike the Kuala Lumpur Eco-park, and take a tour of the eclectic architecture of the city. 

Day 5:             Cultural day: Peranakan Museum, Culinary tour, with focus on famous Hawker stalls

Day 6:             Long travel day to Donsol, Philippines (via Manila and Legazpi) 

Day 7:             Swim with whale sharks! We will spend the morning, six people to a boat, jumping into the open ocean in search of the giant whale sharks. In the afternoon/evening we will enjoy the lovely “Firefly Tour”. 

Day 8:             Rest/beach day. This free day will provide an opportunity to visit the quaint town of Donsol, hang out at the beach, take boat tours, practice water sports or, if so inclined, head out to the open waters again for more whale shark swimming.

Day 9:             Travel day to Puerto Princesa in Palawan. In the afternoon we will visit the Palawan Special Battalion WWII Museum. 

Day 10:           We will take a short bus ride up to “El Nido” for a couple days of island hopping and enjoying the quaint, little town of El Nido.

Day 11:           Island hopping / beach day

Day 12:           Island hopping / beach day

Day 13:           Travel day back to Manila. In the afternoon we will visit Quiapo, the downtown markets of Manila

Day 14:           Cultural day: We will visit historic San Sebastian Basilica, we’ll enjoy a walking tour of Old Manila, and visit the National Museum. Time permitting, we will also visit Rizal Shrine. 

Day 15:           Travel day to Bali

Day 16:           Bali: relaxing day at the beach. Snorkel, water sports, sunbathe, boat tours, etc. GO TO BED EARLY BECAUSE WE HAVE AN EARLY START THE NEXT DAY

Day 17:           Bali: Mt. Batur sunrise trek where we will enjoy spectacular views, enjoy the beautiful sunrise, and swim in natural hot springs.

Day 18:           Bali: Today we will be “monkeying around” at the Sangeh Monkey Forest. Afternoon/evening free. 

Day 19:           Adventure Day! We will participate in white water rafting and ziplining for a fun filled day.

Day 20:           Travel day to Singapore. In the afternoon, we will take a boat tour and visit the Botanical Gardens

Day 21:           Singapore: Free day to shop for souvenirs or any other activity

Day 22:           Depart back to Portland