Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox

Amsterdam to Zurich

Faculty: Seth Sikkema, Josh Sauerwein
Meeting Time: M - 6:30 - 9:00 PM

Student Cost: $2250
Travel Dates: May 3 - May 23, 2020

This tour will highlight the beauty of Amsterdam, the Rhine River, and the Alps while understanding how the medieval times, the Reformation and World War II have helped shape the region. To start the tour, we will go to Amsterdam and see the beauty of city and countryside, while also visiting the Corrie ten Boom house, and seeing the great works of art by Van Gogh and Rembrandt. From there we will proceed down the beautiful Rhine river and go castle hopping while visiting the town of Mainz where we will visit the very beginnings of Gutenberg’s printing press. Next, we will travel to Rothenburg, one of the most well-preserved medieval towns in Germany, where we will visit cathedrals, gardens, and walk around the Old Town Walls.  From there, we will travel to Salzburg and Innsbruck, Austria where we will see the town Fortress, stop by Mozart’s home, go to the Eagle’s Nest where Hitler vacationed, and go high in the Alps for hiking and tobogganing.  We will end our trip in Zurich where we will visit key places of the Reformation (Calvin, Zwingli, etc,) and end our trip with some play time in the Alps. 

Preliminary Itinerary:

Day 1            Portland to Amsterdam

Day 2           Amsterdam    * Arrive in Amsterdam (morning), Canal district                

        Day 3           Amsterdam    * Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Dutch Resistance Museum

        Day 4            Amsterdam   * Albert Cuypmarkt, Van Gogh museum, Secret Church, free afternoon

         Day 5           Amsterdam   * Day trip to Alkmaar and Haarlem, Corrie tenBoom house

         Day 6           Delft              *  Travel to Delft, stop at Kuekenhof gardens, visit De Porceleyne Fles

         Day 7           Mainz            *  Travel to Mainz, Town Markt, St. Augustine’s Church

         Day 8           Mainz            * Castle-hopping down the Rhine

         Day 9           Mainz            * Gutenberg Museum, Mainz State Museum, Concert night                 

         Day 10         Rothenburg   * Travel to Rothenburg, Old Town Walls, Night Watchman tour

         Day 11         Rothenburg   * Plonlein, Medieval Crime Museum, free afternoon

         Day 12         Rothenburg   * Guided day trip to Nuremberg                      

         Day 13         Salzburg        * Travel to Salzburg, tour down town, Castle

         Day 14         Salzburg        * Eagle’s Nest, Durrnberg toboggan, possible concert night         

         Day 15         Salzburg        * Day trip to Hallstatt or free day in Salzburg

         Day 16         Innsbruck       * Travel to Innsbruck, funicular, ski jump

         Day 17         Innsbruck       * Free adventure day                      

         Day 18         Zurich            * Travel to Zurich, Chocolates/Sweets walk about

         Day 19         Zurich            * Guided Reformation tour

         Day 20         Zurich            * Free day - possible day trip to Jungfrau              

         Day 21         Zurich to Portland