Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox

Greece 2021

Faculty: Sean StJean, Erin Johnson
Meeting Time: T - 6:30 - 9:00 PM

The purpose of this course and tour is to foster and enhance students’ appreciation of Greece as a profoundly rich influence on Western thought, art, philosophy, religion, and culture. Students will experience the world of classical Greece through visits to a number of historical sites, museums, ancient ruins, Olympic stadiums, and picturesque cities. It will track the missionary steps of the Apostle Paul through a number of biblical sites. The tour will carry students through epic vistas, world-class beaches, the heights of Mount Olympus, and the Aegean Sea with its awe-inspiring islands. Students will be immersed rich sights, sounds, and tastes of the Hellenic Republic. The course itself will introduce students to the ancient Greek world as well as the spread of the fledgling Christian religion in that country during New Testament times.

Preliminary Itinerary:

Day 1:  We get up early for a day of domestic and international flights, eventually arriving in Athens, Greece!

Day 2:  Arrival in Athens, and drive to Tolo, where we will stay the night

Day 3:  Tour of the ancient Theatre of Epidauros and the archeological site at Mycene

Day 4:  Visit the islands of Spetses and Hydra. After this we drive to Ancient Olympia

Day 5:  Visits to the museum and site of Ancient Olympia and the original Olympic Stadium

Day 6:  Travel to the island of Corfu. Beach time!

Day 7:  In Corfu, we visit the old city, castle, and monastery

Day 8: We ferry back to the mainland, staying in Ioannina. Go to the deepest canyon in Greece

Day 9: Travel to Vergina, visit the tomb of King Philip, Veria (Berea), Katerini

Day 10:  Travel to Phillipi

Day 11:  Thessaloniki, Old City, White Tower, and Byzantine Museum

Day 12: Hike Mount of Oympus.

Day 13: Meteora, visit the monasteries. Drive to Delphi

Day 14: Delphi, visit Museum and site

Day 15: Drive to Athens

Day 16: Acropolis, Parthenon, visit the 1896 and 2004 Olympic stadiums

Day 17: Corinth, Flight to Santorini

Day 18: Visit Ancient Thera, Akrotiri

Day 19: Tour through Oia, beach time

Day 20: Flight back to Athens and free day, get ready for trip back home

Day 21: Depart Athens, arrive in Portland