Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox


Faculty: Mark Weinert, Robin Baker
Meeting Time: M - 6:30 - 9:00 PM

The Israel and Jordan experience is a trip of a lifetime for Christians and for those who desire to visit the places of origin of some of
the world’s great religions.  Those who return from these places always talk of the powerful spiritual experience that comes from
walking in the steps that Jesus walked.  The trip includes visits to sites of Jesus’s ministry near the Sea of Galilee where he preached the Sermon on the Mount, the place of his birth in Bethlehem, the Jordan River where he was baptized, and the places surrounding the events of his death and resurrection in Jerusalem such as the Garden of Gethsemane, the Mount of Olives, and the Via Delarosa.  It also includes important sites of Jewish history, including sites related to the reign of David, the Wailing Wall, and Masada.  The entire region was a crossroads of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Greek, and Roman life, with sites reflecting all of these cultures.  The natural world of the desert, including the natural phenomenon of the Dead Sea, is also a part of this trip.  The ancient city of Petra in Jordan, with its architecture, carved out of the stone, is sometimes called one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and serves as a spectacular conclusion to the trip.

Preliminary Itinerary:

Day 1  Travel to Tel Aviv, Israel

Days 2-4  The Mediterranean coast and northern Israel.  Includes Caesarea Maritima, a Roman city with amphitheater; Mt. Carmel; and Nazareth, the childhood city of Jesus and the Basilica of the Anunciation, where Mary was visited by an angel.

Days 5-6  Region of the Sea of Galilee.  Includes the gospel city of Capernaum, the home of St. Peter; the beautiful setting of the Sea of Galilee and the many events of the New Testament, and the site of Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount.

Days 7  The Jordan River Valley.  Includes the Beit She’an National Park, site of the Old Testament Jezreel Valley and the Israelite encounters with the Philistines

Days 8-11  Jerusalem and environs.  A packed itinerary includes Mt. Zion, the Upper Room, Hezekiah’s Wall, the Western Wall , the Church of the Nativity at Bethlehem, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Garden Tomb, the Via Delarosa, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Day 12  Dead Sea region and Qumran.  Includes the site of the Dead Sea Scrolls and a chance to float in the Dead Sea.

Day 13  Masada.  Includes the site of the last-ditch resistance of the Jews to Roman military action in the great Jewish Rebellion.

Days 14-16  Petra and the Jordanian desert.  The spectacular world of the ancient city of Petra carved out of stone.

Days 17-19  The land beyond the Jordan.  Includes Bethany Beyond the Jordan, the site of the baptism of Jesus, and Mt. Nebo, the place where Moses gazed across the Promised Land.

Days 20-21  Amman, Jordan.  Includes the ancient sites such as The Citadel and the Temple of Hercules and modern life of the national capital city of Jordan. 

Day 22  Return to Portland.