Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox

Prague to Budapest - JUNE

Faculty: Adam Haldorson, Josh Sauerwein
Meeting Time: T - 6:30 - 9:00 PM

NOTE: THIS TRIP IS PRIMARILY FOR THOSE ATHLETES INVOLVED IN SPRING SPORTS THAT PREVENT THEM FROM OTHERWISE PARTICIPATING IN THE SCHEDULED MAY COURSES.  Others may participate if there is room available. Be aware that if you are not a spring athlete in the Spring semester 2020, and if there is not room in the trip, you will put to the bottom of the waitlist.

This tour will highlight the beauty of Central and Eastern Europe while understanding how the Romans, Austro-Hungarians, and Soviets have helped shape the region.  We will start our trip in the culturally, historically and artistically-rich city of Prague where we will visit castles, cathedrals, drink heavenly coffee, interact at town markets and take in a concert.  Moving back west, we will enter the Czech countryside and stay in the quaint, beautiful town of Cesky Krumlov where we will see an extraordinarily well-preserved castle with a working theatre.  From there we will enter the Austrian Alps and visit the visually stunning town of Salzburg.  While here we will take a bicycle ride through the story of the Von Trapp family, hike up to the Eagle’s Nest, visit sites of Mozart, and enjoy the mountain air.  After Salzburg, we are off to Slovenia (Europe’s playground) to visit Ljubljana.  Heading south, we will continue our tour on the beaches of Croatia where we will see a variety of Roman ruins, including the Pula Arena, kayak on the Adriatic Sea, and visit the Sea Harmonica.  We will end our trip in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Budapest.  While there we will see incredible architecture, visit thermal baths, shop at markets, and visit castles and cathedrals.

Preliminary Itinerary:

Date                                 Destination                  Activities

Day 1                                  Portland to Prague                

Day 2                                    Prague                          * Travel to Prague * Old Town Square *Jewish Quarter

Day 3                                    Prague                          * Tour *Prague Castle *St. Vitus Cathedral *Charles Bridge

Day 4                                    Prague                          * Terezin Concentration Camp *Anthropoid *Free time              

Day 5                                    Cesky Krumlov             *Travel to Cesky Krumlov *Night boat trip

Day 6                                    Cesky Krumlov             *Cesky Krumlov Castle *Free afternoon                           

Day 7                                    Salzburg                       *Travel to Salzburg (4 hrs) * Old Town * Fortress/Church

Day 8                                    Salzburg                       * Day trip to Eagle’s Nest * fun afternoon in the Alps                 

Day 9                                    Salzburg                       * Sound of Music bike tour *Free afternoon

Day 10                                 Ljubljana                      * Travel to Ljubjljana, Town Square, Triple Bridge

Day 11                                  Ljubljana                      * Castle, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Market

Day 12                                  Pula                             * Travel to Pula

Day 13                                  Pula                             * Pula Arena * Triumphal Arch * Temple of Augustus                                                         

Day 14                                  Pula                             * Free day in Pula

Day 15                                  Zadar                           * Travel to Zadar,  Public dancefloor, Sea harmonica,

Day 16                                  Zadar                           * Adriatic Sea kayak tour to Dugi Otok

Day 17                                  Zadar                           * Roman ruins, St. Donat, City wall and gates, free time

Day 18                                  Zagreb                          * Travel from Zadar to Plitvice, then on to Zagreb                     

Day 19                                  Budapest                      *  Travel to Budapest

Day 20                                  Budapest                       * Charles Bridge * Buda side * Possible concert                                                                 

Day 21                                  Budapest                       * Pest side * Szechenyi Bath and Pools * Shopping                   

Day 22                                  Fly home