Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox

Vietnam, Hong Kong, S. Korea

Faculty: Brent Wilson, Jeff Duerr
Meeting Time: M - 6:30 - 9:00 PM  

This tour will study the history, culture, and influence of western values and religion in Asian cultures by visiting South Korea, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. Students will have opportunity to visit several religious temples and historical sites. Some of the sites will include Changgyonggung (summer palace built in 1104 for the first Yi king), Namdaemun (14th century gate into the city), and even the DMZ between North and South Korea while in Seoul. You will actually be allowed to “step” into North Korea. In Hong Kong we will spend much of our time in Kowloon and on Hong Kong Island. In Vietnam we visit many historical and religious sites within Hanoi including a day trip to the “Hanoi Hilton,” the prison that housed many United States Airman during the Vietnam War including Senator John McCain. We have even scheduled a half-day Vietnamese cooking class in Hanoi itself. Lastly, We will also travel to Ha Long Bay one of Vietnam’s most treasured locations with over 3000 islands within the bay. We will spend a couple days and nights aboard a “junk” as we travel throughout the islands. This trip offers food beyond anything you have ever thought of, which is both scary and exciting. Most of locations we stay have ‘some understanding’ of vegetarian but they most definitely do not understand vegan. Spicy foods are the rule, not the exception. Please keep this in mind if choosing this trip.

Preliminary Itinerary:

Day 1 – Arrive in Seoul, South Korea

Day 2-3 Seoul and Vicinity– travel through Seoul, visiting many historical and cultural sites including Changgyonggung (summer palace built in 1104 for the first Yi king), Namdaemun (14th century gate into the city)

Day 4 Panmunjom & DMZ Tour– visit Camp Bonifas and the DMZ. You will have an opportunity to “step” into North Korea inside the United Nations building that sits on the border of both North and South Korea. You will also go down into the tunnels of aggression that were dug by North Korea as attack avenues to South Korea.

Day 5-7 Seoul and Vicinity

Day 8 Yoido Full Gospel Church– Attend one of the 7 Sunday services at the largest Christian church in the world. They have almost 1,500,000 people in their congregation.

Day 9 Flight to Hong Kong, China

Day 10-13 Hong Kong and Vicinity– tour Kowloon, Hong Kong Harbor, and Hong Kong Island. Visit Victoria Peak along with Ocean Park (combination Zoo and Theme Park). The Panda’s are absolutely awesome!

Day 14 Flight to Hanoi, Vietnam

Day 15-18 Live Aboard in Ha Long Bay– Spend two days soaking up the sun as we tour around Ha Long Bay on the eastern shore of Vietnam. We will be spelunking (caving), kayaking, and swimming in one of the most beautiful scenic areas in the world. Ha Long Bay has over 5,000 islands. 

Day 19-21 Hanoi and Vicinity– tour Hanoi and live in the “old quarter.” Influences of the French occupation can still be seen in their architecture and can be tasted in their breads! Oh, the breads!! We will visit Hoa Loa Prison, now a museum, which is where U.S. Airman were housed (including Senator John McCain) during the Vietnam War.

Day 22  Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum– tour the grounds of Ho Chi Minh’s residence and also go to the mausoleum and actually see Ho Chi Minh. He continues to lie in state at the mausoleum (note: he died 9/2/1969).