Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox

Costa Rica / Panamá

Faculty: Melanie Mock
Meeting time: Tuesday 6:30-9:00pm

Student Cost: $2,200

This course will explore the culture and history of Costa Rica and Panama, with a specific focus on the natural environment in these two countries. Costa Rica in particular offers a great deal in terms of Ecotourism with fully one-quarter of its land devoted to national parks and wildlife reserves; the same is true in Panama, which has in its small land mass 14 national parks, a dozen forest preserves, and 10 wildlife refuges. While we will spend ample time engaging with rich cultures in these two countries, including indigenous cultures, a great part of the trip will be enjoying the spectacular outdoors, with lots of hiking, snorkeling, biking, boating, exploring, and lingering on beautiful beaches. The trip will also include opportunities to see wildlife in both countries. Costa Rica is a haven for bird watchers, and is known for its sloth and monkey populations; in both Costa Rica and Panama, there are numerous other creatures we will witness during daytime and nighttime hikes.

Tentative Itinerary:

Day 1:             Arrive in San Jose.

Day 2:             San Jose: National Museum, National Theatre, Central Market

Day 3:             Travel to La Fortuna: hot springs

Day 4:             La Fortuna: Zip-lining, canyoning, night safari

Day 5:             La Fortuna: Hiking and biking at Volcano Arenal

Day 6:             Monteverde: Jeep/boat tour, coffee tour, bungee jumping

Day 7:             Monteverde to Montezuma: waterfall canopy tour

Day 8:             Montezuma: beach time, snorkeling, and kayaking

Day 9:             Travel to Uvita: Waterfall adventure

Day 10:           Corcovado National Park: boat trip from Uvita, hiking in the nature reserve,

spend a night sleeping in the middle of a jungle.

Day 11:           Travel to Boquete: cross border to Panama

Day 12:           Boquete: Summit Volcan Baru

Day 13:           Boquete: white-water rafting  

Day 14:           Travel to Bocas del Toro

Day 15:           Bocas del Toro: snorkeling and kayaking

Day 16:           Panama City: Panama Canal, Casco Viejo

Day 17:           Panama City: Chagas Rainforest and Embera Indian Village

Day 18:           Travel to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica: Cahuita National Park, beaches

Day 19:           Travel to Limon: Animal rescue safari

Day 20:           Limon: White water rafting trip

Day 21:           Return to San Jose, fly home to Portland