Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox

Scandinavia - JUNE

Faculty: Dale Issak, Adam Haldorson
Meeting Time: Tuesday 6:30-9:00pm

Student Cost: $2,200

This study will take a tour of Scandinavia starting in Reykjavik and ending in Western Norway. We will spend time in Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway during the course of this trip. The course will focus on the region’s geographical beauty, history and culture with a secondary emphasis on how those elements have shaped modern western society.  In preparation for the trip, students will explore the general history and culture of the countries to be visited through readings and presentations.

Our trip begins in Iceland as we begin to become acclimated to the time change with a two-night stopover in Reykjavik on our way to Northern Europe.  While in Iceland we will enjoy the soothing waters of the Blue Lagoon geo-thermal pool and tour through the spectacular scenery of the world-famous Golden Circle, experiencing thundering waterfalls, high cliffs and towering geysers. 

From the overnight stop in Reykjavik, we will fly into Stockholm, Sweden, the “Venice of the North” and home of the Swedish Meatball.  Highlights of Stockholm will include strolling through Gamla Stan (Old Town); a visit to the Royal Palace; and if you choose, a tour of the ABBA museum; a shrine to the artistic musical geniuses, where you will be able to appreciate the cheesy clothes your parents and grandparents thought were cool in the 70’s and listen to the masterful sounds of the iconic singing group that will stay in your heads the remainder of the trip. 

From Stockholm, we will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, the “Happiest City in the Happiest Country in the World” according to a no lesser authority than the “World Happiness Report”.  Highlights of Denmark will include eating a Danish pastry (actually called wienerbrod in Denmark) made by a Danish baker, seeing the “Little Mermaid” statue in the home city of Hans Christian Anderson, viewing the crown jewels in Rosenborg Castle and strolling along the Copenhagen City Walk.  At the end of our stay in Copenhagen, we will catch an overnight ferry to Norway, also a recent winner of “Happiest Country in the World” where we will enter into the kingdom via a waterway. 

While in the country that brought us the paperclip, we will visit the cities/towns of Oslo, Lillehammer, Flam, Bergen and Stavenger. Highlights of Norway will include viewing the famous Edvard Munch painting “The Scream”, sampling Freia Chocolate (the inspiration for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), visiting the Viking Ship Museum, bobsledding down an Olympic bobsled course in Lillehammer, mountain biking and sea kayaking in Flam, traveling along one of the most scenic train journeys in the world and finishing off the trip with a hike to the top of world-famous Pilot Rock.

Tentative Itinerary:

Date              Activities                                                                                    Lodging Location

6/1/22          Depart Portland for Reykjavik


6/2/22          Reykjavik; Blue Lagoon, Central Reykjavik                                     Reykjavik


6/3/22          Day Trip along the Golden Circle Route                                        Reykjavik


6/4/22          Travel to Stockholm, Gamala Stam, Royal Palace                           Stockholm


6/5/22          Vasa Museum, ABBA Museum                                                      Stockholm


6/6/22          Travel to Coppenhaggen, Old Town, Christianhaven                     Copenhagen


6/7/22          Little Mermaid and Kastellet Fortrss, Rosenborg Castle                 Copenhagen


6/8/22          Denmark National Museum, Travel Via Night Ferry                       Ferry


6/9/22          Karl Johans Gate, Viking Ship Museum                                          Oslo


6/10/22        National Gallery, Vigeland Park                                                    Oslo


6/11/22        Travel to Lillehammer, Bobsled, Olympic Sites                              Lillehammer


6/12/22        Mountain Biking or Canyoneering                                                Lillehammer


6/13/22        Travel to Flam, Hiking                                                                  Flam


6/14/22        Sea Kayaking                                                                                Flam


6/15/22        Travel to Bergen, Bergen Harbor and Fish Market                         Bergen


6/16/22        Flobanen Funicular, Travel to Stavenger,                                      Stavenger


6/17/22        Hike Pilot Rock, Travel to Oslo                                                      Oslo


6/18/22        Travel to Portland