Adventure - Art - Culture - Juniors Abroad at George Fox

Thailand and Cambodia

Faculty: Kathy Weiss, Tim Timmerman 
Meeting Time: Wednesday 6:30-9:00pm

Student Cost: $2,200

This course will focus on the cultural diversity of Thailand and Cambodia, looking at the diversity of religious faith, ethnic groups, and societal life. Course time will be spent becoming familiar with these and other areas. We will seek to experience aspects of Thai and Cambodian life including learning to speak some Thai and Khmer before we depart on this trip.

We start our trip in Phnom Phen with a rickshaw city tour. We well explore the history of the Khmer Rouge by visiting the Killing Fields and other sites. Then onto Seim Reap, the base to explore Angor Wat, an extensive complex of Hindu temples built in the 12th century. It was later transformed into a center of Buddhist worship, then they were abandoned and became overgrown. Then we’ll fly to Chiang Mai in Thailand where we will visit the hilltop temple, watch creation of handicrafts, and learn to cook some Thai food. Then going to the northeast we will volunteer a center that cares for young women from the Mekong region involved in human trafficking. We will visit several of the important sights in the region and tour the Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang. The next stop is one of the old capitals of Siam and we will tour the ruins by bike. Then a stop in Bangkok to see Wat Pho the temple of the reclining Buddha, and Wat Arun, the temple of the dawn. Our last place to visit is the island of Ko Samet where we will enjoy some beach time. Our journey ends back in Bangkok where we will explore the back alleys, cruise on the canals and have a river dinner cruise. Whew, now it is time to go home!

Tentative Itinerary: 

Day 0

Depart Portland

Day 1

Arrive Phnom Penh, Orientation tour

Day 2

Killing Field and S21, free afternoon

Day 3

Drive to Seim Reap, Khmer Dinner Show

Day 4

Angor Wat Complex visit at sunrise, free afternoon

Day 5

Siem Reap free morning, afternoon village visits

Day 6

Fly to Chiang Mai

Day 7

Chiang Mai: Doi Suthep Wat Phra That, San Kamphaeng (shopping)

Day 8

Free Day. Khantoke Dinner

Day 9

Cooking class, free afternoon

Day 10

Drive to Chiang Rai and onto Wiang Chai

Day 11

Volunteer work at New Life Center Foundation

Day 12

Worship and field games, evening in Chiang Rai

Day 13

White Temple and on to Lampang

Day 14

Elephant Conservation Center visit, on to Sukhothai

Day 15

Cycling tour of countryside & historical park

Day 16

Explore on our way to Bangkok

Day 17

Wat Pho & Wat Arun, night markets

Day 18

To Ko Samet and the beach!

Day 19

Enjoy a beach day

Day 20

Back to Bangkok for an Alleyway and Canal Tours

Day 21

Free Day in Bangkok, evening dinner cruise on Chao Phraya river

Day 22

Return to Portland from Bangkok