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Student Information for May 2020 Canceled Trips

2020 Juniors Abroad Students

I once again want to express my regret for having to cancel the trips and I appreciate your understanding and patience.   Below is the current plan for moving forward. 

WARNING:  As I am sure you are aware this is all unprecedented so please understand that our plans are fluid and that we could cancel any of these trips due to low enrollment or other reason.

  1. The meeting scheduled for 5:30 pm on Monday, March 16 has been moved to an online ZOOM meeting at 2 PM on Monday, March 16. The link below will allow you to join the  ZOOM meeting.  You will be able to ask questions via a chat option.  We will record the ZOOM meeting and it will be available on the Juniors Abroad website for those that cannot attend this meeting. Sorry, but the recording did not work as planned.  Take a look at this information and let me know if you have any questions.
  1. May 2021 Trips. The following trips will be offered for May 2020 students in May 2021
  • Egypt
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Poland to Croatia
  • Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea
  • West Africa
  • Australia - June
  1. Priority order for registration. Registration will be in three phrases as outlined below.
  1. Top priority for each trip will be for those who were in that trip this May. For example, students who were in the Vietnam trip get first priority for the Vietnam trip in May 2021.  Enrollment for this this will be March 17 – March 20.  If you do not make this deadline you can still add this trip at a later date if there is room.  I will send you a link to a Google Form to fill out on March 17 after the ZOOM meeting
  2. After the deadline in #1, registration will open for ALL May 2020 students to register for the above trips. Enrollment for this will be March 30 – April 3. I will send you a link to a Google Form to fill our on March 30. 

  3. Beginning April 4, after the 2020 students register, registration will open for both May 2020 students and May 2021 students for ALL trips being offered. Both groups of students can then register for any trip or be put on the waitlist for any trip.
  • Spring 2020
    • You can earn 2 credits for successfully completing this spring’s Juniors Abroad course, GEED 365.
    • If you choose, you have until March 22 to self-withdraw from this year’s GEED 365 course with a W and receive no credit.
  • Summer 2020
    • You have been dropped from the summer GEED 465 1-credit class and will not receive credit for this course.
  • Spring 2021
    • If you plan to go on a Juniors Abroad trip in May 2021 you will need to register for GEED 365 for spring 2021, participate in the class all semester, and you will earn 2 credits for successful completion.
  • Summer 2021
    • If you register for GEED 365 for spring 2021 you will also be registered for GEED 465 for 1 credit in summer 2021 with no additional tuition charge.
  • Total Possible Credits
    • If you successfully complete GEED 365 in spring 2020, and you successfully complete GEED 365/465 in 2021, you will have earned 5 upper division credits.
  1. General Education Intercultural Requirement
  • This requirement states that you must complete a 3 credit course.  However, if you complete this years GEED 365 for 2 credits the university will waive the third credit and this requirement will be fulfilled.
  • If you take this years and next years GEED 365, you will fulfill this requirement.
  • A special 1-credit course, GEED 485 – Cultural Humility, will be offered this summer for $0 tuition to any students enrolled in GEED 365 this spring. You can self-enroll for this class in My.Georgefox. This course is offered for those who need an additional credit. This is not required.
  1. Money     
  • You will receive a full removal of charges (refund) for this year’s Juniors Abroad travel fee.
  • You will be billed the cost of your May 2021 trip next November on your spring 2021 bill.
  • If you were charged for going over the 18 hour block tuition this year due to GEED 365 and you choose to withdraw from it, the over-block tuition will be refunded.
  • If you go over the 18 hour block tuition next year due to GEED 365 you will be refunded but Student Accounts may not make that change until after the drop period ends. Please contact them directly next January if you have questions. 

Any questions - Contact David Martinez