Registrar and Credit Information

Before you apply for a semester to an off-campus study program, it is important to see how the classes you plan to take will contribute to your degree plan. It is essential that you contact both your advisor and the Transfer Specialist in the Registrar's office before you apply for studying off-campus.   There are several options including:

• Current George Fox students can study abroad through a George Fox University program in partnership with the Center for Study Abroad. (This is the easiest and most common)

• Study abroad through a regionally accredited institution – either prior to enrollment at George Fox or while on a Leave of Absence from the University. (You are not a GFU student for this semester)

• Current George Fox student on a Leave of Absence studying internationally (not through a regionally accredited institution). (You are not a GFU student for this semester)

• International Transfer credit – for students who have credit from an international institution prior to attending George Fox

For further informaion you can visit the Registrar's site at Study Abroad & International Transfer Credit

Links to important documents:

Course Evaluaton Request

Study Abroad and GFU majors  (This is a partial list of programs and the majors that best fit the program.  HOWEVER, students can typically go on any of the programs unless there is a specific language requirement.