Semester Off-Campus Student Blogs

Spring 2019



Allison Spoelhof
Northern Ireland, Best Semester
Junior, Art and Design major

....There's 17 people "stuck" in this grand manor set in the suburbs of Belfast. The people in the program are from all over the states. We make a rag-tag kind of crew. The manor sits on the edge of a large pond...

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Rachael English
Prague, Veritas Program
Senior, International Studies major

....I have officially lived in Prague for one week, which is hard to believe. It has been so busy, and there are so many things to adjust to. For one, it’s freezing. I really should have packed better. I was walking around in the snow today in my Adidas sneakers, wondering why I didn't think it might snow in Central Europe in February...

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Alyssa Beeksma
New Zealand, Veritas Program
Junior, Psychology major

Alyssa will be doing a vlog while in New Zealand!

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Jessica Mau
Chile, Veritas Program
Senior, Global Business and Spanish major

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