Word Made Flesh Rwanda Program

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Join Word Made Flesh Rwanda for a new kind of study abroad experience! Be immersed in the rich culture of the African Great Lakes Region as you become exposed to long-term missional engagement and advocacy work. Be transformed as you are a part of transforming the lives of others. Building new friendships, investing yourself in the lives of the vulnerable, and seeking God in the context of poverty will forever transform your life.

  • Kinyarwanda Language, 3 credits
  • Community Development/Approaches to Poverty, 3 credits
  • Peace and Conflict Studies in East Africa, 3 credits
  • East African Art, Culture, & Religion, 3 credits
  • Spiritual Formation in Missional Community, non-credit bearing (academic 3 credit option by request)
  • Cross-Cultural Field Practicum, 3 credits

Practicum (Internships)

  • Build relationships with those that have been marginalized and with the Word Made Flesh community, serving with them at the WMF Rwanda ministry center throughout the entire semester.
  • Practicums are organized based on the student's interest and focus of study, which include: Christian ministry and mission, social work, NGO management, social entrepreneurship and job creation, community health, community development, peace studies, English as a second language, urban farming, and East African studies.
  • Students will contribute to the development of WMF Rwanda activities by submitting an evaluation and project proposal based on their field practicum.

Program Fees
Students pay their regular George Fox tuition and room and aboard and continue to receive all of their financial aid. Due to the high cost of some programs an additional fee may be charged. The student is responsible for round trip airfare. There also may be an additional charge for a visa. The fee does include emergency travel insurance.

The student will fill out two applications:
• George Fox off-campus application
The Rwanda application should only be completed after being informed from the Director of Study Abroad that you are accepted for an off-campus study semester.
Rwanda application

Students must be full-time undergraduates with junior or senior status, holding a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher to apply.


Students will stay with a host family with in the Word Made Flesh communities in Rwanda and Burundi. Homestays during the duration of the program are integral to building community and forming relationships.

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