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Program Overview
This program is offered in collaboration with Veritas Christian Study Abroad at the American University of Rome in Rome, Italy. You can’t take two steps in Rome without running into a historical statue, building, ruin, or landmark creating a unique environment for studying topics related to Christian life and history. Whether you are interested in art, architecture, theatre or meeting new people, Rome is a great city to live your mission, to learn about your faith and grow as you serve a community. Veritas is a division of  International Studies Abroad (ISA).  You will be attending classes with ISA students as well as Veritas students.

CoursesColosseum in Rome, Italy
Students are required to take a course in Church History and an International Missions/Service-learning practicum taught by local Veritas staff. The remainder of the courses will be taken at the American University of Rome. 

The student will fill out two applications:
• George Fox off-campus application form

The Veritas Christian Study Abroad application should only be completed after being informed from the George Fox Director of Study Abroad that you are accepted for an off-campus study semester.

 • Veritas Christian Study Abroad application (An application fee must accompany your application)

The Veritas Rome program includes comfortable housing in shared, fully-furnished apartments conveniently located in three traditional, well-established neighborhoods in close proximity to the American University of Rome.  Most Veritas apartments have 2-3 bedrooms, lounge/living room, kitchen and bathroom(s). Bedrooms are typically double-occupancy.  The neighborhoods of Trastevere (Tra-ste-vey-ray), Monteverde (Mon-te-ver-day), and Gianicolense (Jah-ni-col-en-zay), are desirable residential neighborhoods located on the west side of the city, just south of Vatican City. Compared to other parts of Rome, these neighborhoods have less noise and traffic, more green areas, better access to public transport, and are conveniently located just a short distance from the historic

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