Portland Counseling and Training Center

George Fox University's Portland Counseling and Training Center is temporarily closed. We will reopen in summer or fall of 2022. Return to our website in late spring of 2022 for reopening updates.

If you would like to join our mailing list to receive a reopening announcement, email tri@georgefox.edu.

About Us

The Portland Counseling and Training Center, formerly the Individual & Family Matters Clinic, was established in 2007 as a nonprofit educational and counseling clinic of the Graduate School of Counseling at George Fox University.

Located in the Tigard triangle, we offer low cost counseling to individuals, couples, and families in person to all those able to travel to our center, as well as telehealth services to those residing in Oregon.

Our services support the mission of the Graduate School of Counseling by offering the highest quality of therapeutic services to families, couples, individuals and groups while maximizing unique training opportunities and personal and professional development for graduate clinical interns. By offering these services to the public, we help to connect theory and practice and provide a unique service to the greater Portland community and surrounding area.

Our Location

12570 S.W. 69th Ave.
Portland, OR 97223

Phone:   503-554-6060
Email:  pctc@georgefox.edu

Nearest bus stop:
Trimet Bus # 78
Stop ID # 13736
at the corner of SW Beveland and 69th Ave.


The Portland Counseling and Training Center is staffed by advanced graduate students, interns who are supervised by American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy-approved supervisors and George Fox University faculty supervisors. In addition, licensed clinical faculty will see private clients on a limited basis.

Supervision of Intern Therapists

Because the Portland Counseling and Training Center is contained in a teaching facility, and in order to meet professional standards of education and training, interns need to have their clients agree to allow their intern’s supervisor full access to their client file. The supervisory process of training is treated with the same ethical concern as your confidential records.


We recognize and respect the personal nature of information revealed in a clinical setting, and this information will remain confidential with the center.

You may request to have your treatment information released to a third party. At the time of your request, you must sign an Authorization & Request for Release of Confidential Information and Privileged Communication Form that gives your permission and releases us to follow through with your request. All persons 18 and over who have participated in the sessions must sign the authorization.

There are some exceptions to confidentiality. By Oregon state law and our professional Code of Ethics, confidentiality does not apply under the following conditions:

  • When a client reveals the intent to harm self and/or others
  • When the client presents reasons to suspect child, disabled or elder abuse/neglect
  • When an order for records or testimony is ordered by a judge
Two adults and a young child sit in the waiting room of the clinic

Confidential Counseling Services Available:

Some of the Concerns We Address:


Intake appointments are scheduled for 50 to 75 minutes. Appointments are usually scheduled for 50 minutes, commonly known as a clinical hour. To schedule an appointment, call 503-554-6060.

To avoid paying a cancellation fee that equals your assigned fee, please call to cancel or reschedule an appointment 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.


The Porland Counseling and Training Center offers mental health services on a sliding fee scale and an ability to pay from $5 to $40. Your fee will be determined at the time of your intake. Clients are expected to pay for their session before their appointment begins.

Client Rights

All those seeking therapy services are entitled to the following rights:

  • To ask questions about their sessions
  • To decide to not receive therapeutic help from the Portland Counseling and Training Center
  • To end sessions at any time without any legal or financial obligations other than those already incurred
  • To know the Code of Ethics followed by the intern
  • To specify and negotiate therapeutic goals and to renegotiate them when necessary
  • To be fully informed of the limits of confidentiality in the clinical setting
  • To be fully informed about the fees for therapy and the methods of payment

Our intern therapists and supervisors adhere to the ethical principles and standards of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and the American Counseling Association (ACA) regarding confidentiality and professional practice.

Benefits and Risks

When you seek therapy, it is important to know that there are benefits and risks involved in the changes that may occur. The benefits include an enhancement of your ability to handle or cope with yourself, your marriage, your family and other relationships in a healthier way. You may also gain a greater understanding of personal and family goals and values. This new understanding may lead the way to greater maturity and satisfaction.

However, this work may be challenging and uncomfortable at times. Discussing and resolving unpleasant events may cause intense feelings of fear, anger, depression and frustration. As you work to resolve issues between your family members, spouse, partner and others, you may experience discomfort and an increase in conflict. There may be changes in your relationships you had not originally intended.

Your student intern will discuss with you the benefits and risks involved in your particular situation. We encourage you to discuss any concerns you have as your work progresses.

The Portland Counseling and Training Center has limited hours of service and is not designed to provide crisis intervention. Sessions are scheduled by appointment by calling 503-554-6060. If you are in a crisis, please call 911 immediately.