Women's Studies Minor

Minor in women's studies at George Fox, a top Christian college

If you have a keen interest in the role women play in society – specifically their contributions to literature, culture, and Christianity – consider completing the women’s studies minor.

This 18-semester-hour course of study introduces students to the literature and contemporary writings of women from around the world. Students analyze these texts, examine the cultures they represent and keep apprised of current events related to women.

Other topics covered include gender theory, feminist philosophy, gender communication across cultures, sociology of families, and men and women in society.

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Minor Requirements

18 credit hours

Complete the following:

Introduces students to literature that presents the groundwork for women's studies and considers a selection of contemporary texts that apply that perspective. Reading will include significant novels, poems, and essays that demonstrate the history of women's contribution to literature, culture, and Christianity.
Considers contemporary writings from women around the world. Students analyze these literary texts, examine the cultures they represent, and keep apprised of current events related to women. Prerequisite: HUMA 205 Philosophy and Literature, any 100 or 200 level LITR course or equivalent, enrollment in the William Penn Honors Program, or instructor permission.

Choose one of the following:

Biblical Studies is a vibrant and dynamic academic field, with profound implications not only for communities of faith but also for the study of politics, literary studies, philosophy, history, and popular culture. This course will focus on contemporary issues relevant to the research interests and specialties of George Fox University Biblical Studies faculty and will offer an opportunity for students and faculty to collaborate in the dual process of research and personal transformation. Prerequisite: BIBL 100 Bible Survey or BIBL 101 Literature of Old Testament
This course is designed expose students to the ways that gender theory, including feminism, womanism, anti-sexism, and masculinism, has developed over the years, and how that theory is applied to literature.
Comprised of a survey of feminist theory plus detailed readings of several feminist works in philosophy, with attention to feminist theological thought.

BIBL 315 Contemporary Issues in Biblical Studies accepted topic for this requirement: 

  • Women and the Bible

Choose three of the following:

9 semester hours required
An in-depth study of a specific era or group found within Western art, such as studies in the Baroque and Rococo, Renaissance, or Women in Art. Specific topics will be dependent on the instructor's area of specialization. Additional course fee is required.
A course designed to introduce students to the nature and function of gender differences in communication on a cross-cultural basis. Examines biological, cultural, linguistic, and power theories that attempt to explain these differences. Focus given to verbal (spoken and written) language as well as nonverbal communication codes. Counts toward globalization requirement.
In this course, students will be introduced to basic tools and scholarly attitudes for thinking about religious and theological topics. The course will draw on a variety of materials (such as texts, practices, and/or archaeology) to examine historical or contemporary issues. Material will be studied not only for academic knowledge but also spiritual and personal growth. Prerequisite: BIBL 100 Bible Survey, BIBL 101 Literature of Old Testament, or BIBL 102 Literature of New Testament
A study of how societies construct gender similarities and differences. The impact of gender upon individuals and social institutions, and the implications of a sociological understanding of gender for the Christian faith will be explored.
A study of marriage and the family from a sociological perspective, including historical, cross-cultural, and economic backgrounds. A Christian faith perspective will emphasize the worth of people, the importance of the family as a place of nurture, and the gift of marriage. (Identical to HLTH 223.)

RELI 215 Religion and Theology accepted topics for this requirement: 

  • Women's Voices in Contemporary Theology
  • Women in Church History

Selected Topic courses offered with the appropriate objectives, such as RELI 215, will only fulfill the requirements if they are offered under the titles listed above, or are otherwise approved by the Women's Studies faculty advisor. 

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