Emily Phipps"When applying for colleges, I was worried about how I was going to pay for school. Like many students, I was on my own when it came to paying for it. The support I received from the financial aid counselors at George Fox really went above and beyond. They helped walk me through the process of applying for loans and directed me to many scholarships I could apply for.

Right before I started here, I realized two of my external scholarships had not made it to George Fox yet. In a panic I called my financial aid counselor, as I was worried I wouldn't be able to attend classes. But my counselor put me at ease and made sure I would be set to go on my first day. Whether you are worried about scholarships, loans, the FAFSA or anything, call your financial aid counselor! They are amazing and so very helpful."

- Emily Phipps (’19), Music education major

Lora N."One of the first things I did when I transferred to George Fox University was meet my financial aid counselor. She was a great resource in helping me make decisions about my financial aid and helped me each step of the way.

My advice for incoming students is to fill out the FAFSA early and to get to know their financial aid counselor. They will help you make big decisions about loans and can help you find scholarships that apply to you. Also, check the external scholarships webpage periodically, as there are new scholarships posted throughout the year for many different majors and extracurricular activities."

- Lora N. (’17), Social work major

Lawrence Potts"The financial aid process at George Fox was able to make a dream become a reality for me. I told my advisor about my financial situation, and she worked with me in finding out the best solutions that could make school affordable. She found grants and scholarships to apply for, encouraged me to attend the George Fox University Scholarship Competition, and even called me periodically to check up on how I was doing and pray for me.

The journey was difficult and challenging, but my advisor helped me receive assistance I didn’t even know I could receive. I was able to complete my degree in three years without taking out any loans, and I will graduate with no debt. My advisor helped me receive more than $25,000 a year outside of external scholarships. My suggestion is to not lose faith, keep persevering, and go to your financial aid counselor for everything. Never hesitate to call them; they will do whatever it takes to meet your financial needs."

- Lawrence Potts (’16), Health and human performance major

Micah Scott"By all accounts, I shouldn’t be attending George Fox University: I am a homeless student attending a private Christian university. I was told many times I would not be able to attend this school, but God has provided through generous people, and I have been blessed with a very loving and helpful financial aid counselor, Theresa Schierman. Theresa worked with me to find scholarships and was there just to talk with me. I am truly blessed by her support and honesty every time I come into her office.

I also tell my story because I want to encourage you that anything is possible. If God wants you at this university, he will make a way for you to come here. Our God is sovereign and will help you through all things. There were times I was about to run out of bread and met a professor who was giving away free bread. That doesn’t mean money will just fall from the sky like manna. We have to do our part and look for scholarships and ask for help on occasion, but God has a way of meeting your needs."

- Micah Scott (’18), Christian ministries major