The biology department Scholarship Competition will consist of three parts. The essay questions (Part 1) will need to be submitted by March 9, 2020, using this link to upload your essay responses.

Note: You will be asked to sign into your Google account to access the form. Please create an account if you do not have one.

Part 1: Essay questions ( Please limit responses to 200-250 words per question.)

Part 2: 30-minute interview

Your interview will be with a biology faculty member at Scholarship Competition. Be prepared to articulate your past experiences and future goals along with expounding on your essay responses.

Part 3: Department Tour

You will be given a 30-minute tour/demonstration of the science labs and facilities by one of our department ambassadors and also have an opportunity to have lunch with one of our ambassadors.

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Vetta Berokoff at