The University Theatre determines scholarship winners through a combination of ensemble work, professional auditions, portfolio reviews and personal interviews.

Preliminary Requirements
If you are invited to compete at Scholarship Competition, you will need to bring the following materials with you to campus:

Performance applicants in acting and directing will have a ten-minute time slot for their audition and interview. The first three minutes will be designated for the audition and the following seven minutes for the interview. Applicants should prepare two contrasting 90 second monologues (comic and dramatic, or classical and contemporary). For questions regarding audition materials, please email Rhett Luedtke, Professor of Theatre (

Design, technical theatre & management applicants will have a twenty-minute time slot for their portfolio review and interview. Designers should bring a portfolio of materials representing their work (research, drawings, models, production photographs, etc). Technical theatre and management students should prepare a narrative explaining their experience and interest in their particular fields of theatre. If materials are available, these students are encouraged to bring portfolios as well. For questions regarding portfolio materials, please email Bryan Boyd, Professor of Theatre (

In order to continue receiving the scholarship, recipients must be involved in at least two of the three main stage productions each year.