Trauma-Informed School Initiative

Trauma-Informed School Initiative Our mission is to collaborate with districts desiring to implement trauma-informed school methods to facilitate developmental processes central to student learning and well-being.

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Who is the TSI? 

The TSI is a collaborative with George Fox University's School of Education & Trauma Response Institute and school districts seeking to implement best-practices in trauma-informed school methods.

What is the TSI?

The TSI is a resource and training program for and with schools designing and implementing a trauma-informed school-based system.

  • Trauma-Informed Training
  • Program Design
  • Implementation Coaching
  • Data Analysis & Program Evaluation

What are trauma-informed schools?

Trauma-informed programming reflects a growing movement world-wide impacting schools and other institutions caring for vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Trauma-informed schools have chosen to redesign their school culture based on advances in the neurobiology of trauma and attachment, and the staggering ACES data identifying the severity of social and learning needs of today's k-12 students.

While the same data informs program ethos and guiding priciples , each school within a district contextualizes program specifics according to the needs of their community.

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If your school would like to explore how to create a trauma-informed educational environment, click here to request a consult, or contact the TSI coordinators:

Anna Berardi


Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Director, Trauma Response Institute



Contact the Trauma Response Institute at or  503.554.6065.

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