We are Bruins

Let’s commit to protecting each other, to serving each other, to forgoing our own convenience for the sake of our neighbors. Let’s commit to being vigilant about hygiene, physical distancing, face coverings and self-monitoring, knowing that every precaution we take helps keep our community safe. We are Bruins and Bruins stand together.

As a Bruin I pledge:

To take responsibility for my own health and safety, and to prioritize the health and safety of my George Fox community and my neighboring communities.

To protect myself I will:

  • Self-monitor for symptoms of illness and isolate if they occur
  • Wash my hands or use hand sanitizer throughout the day
  • Approach each day with grace for myself and those around me

To protect my community I will:

  • Put the health of others ahead of my own convenience
  • Physically distance from those outside my family, roommates and closest circle of friends
  • Wear a facial covering in indoor public spaces
  • Be flexible, knowing that guidance may evolve as time goes on
  • Follow instructions posted on campus signage, both on and off campus
  • Keep my living area, classroom desk, and workspace clean and disinfected
  • Inform the university if I test positive for COVID-19
  • Assist with contact tracing if I or someone I know becomes ill