Dave Adrian

Dave Adrian

Senior Gift Officer



My development office employment began at George Fox in October of 1980, but my love for the school started in the summer of 1975, when I committed to attend as a student athlete. Not knowing where God was leading me professionally, I did know I wanted to attend college where I would receive a good education, have a chance to play collegiate basketball, and sing in a college choir. George Fox ended up being a perfect fit!

Development work is about building relationships, and as a result of my student experiences in music, basketball, and some Newberg-area fundraising for George Fox, I had already built many friendships with a good portion of our off-campus constituents. I was hired after graduation and now, 30 years into a career here, I am still building new relationships, maintaining longtime ones, sharing the George Fox story, and encouraging financial support by matching donors’ desires with George Fox opportunities.

George Fox had a huge impact on my personal life – academically, socially, athletically and spiritually. My wife, an Oregon State graduate, has never wavered from her desire to have our children receive a George Fox education and experience the Christ-centered atmosphere we have on campus.

My personal interests are sports (unfortunately, after two knee surgeries, watching more than participating), music (still singing with our church worship team and choir), reading, and family activities. I count it a privilege every day to use the talents God has given me to serve him here. Since 1975, it has indeed been a great fit!