Planned Giving Chart of Benefits

Bequest (will or trust)
  • retain control during your lifetime
  • may significantly reduce or eliminate federal estate tax
  • no immediate income tax deduction
  • may be for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of the total estate, or the residual amount (leftover after expenses have been paid)
Retirement assets
  • all or a percentage of account may be left to charity
  • can be used to establish a life income gift plan for heirs at donor's death
  • bypasses income tax to heirs
  • possible estate tax savings
  • George Fox can be the primary or contingent beneficiary of the account
Charitable remainder trusts
  • income stream for life or a term of years
  • may provide variable (unitrust) or fixed (annuity trust) income
  • avoidance of capital gain tax on appreciated assets
  • attractive rate of return
Gift annuities
  • dependable lifetime income
  • payout rate based on age – the older the recipient, higher the payout rate
  • portion of each payment may be tax free
  • payments may be deferred as part of your retirement planning
Charitable lead trusts
  • reduce or eliminate transfer taxes
  • receive gift and estate tax deductions
  • provide an income stream to George Fox for a period of time and then transfer the assets to heirs
Life estate with residence
  • retain use of residence or vacation home
  • receive an income tax deduction
  • reduce size of estate
  • possible to receive income while living in the home

Planned gifts can be a vital part of your personal estate and financial planning strategy. You can become part of our vision at George Fox University and reap the benefits of planned giving.

For more information about any of these gift plans please contact Gene Christian by e-mail at or phone at 503-936-5350.