Charitable Gift Annuities

Charitable gift annuities through George Fox University can provide you with a reliable, consistent stream of income for life while also benefiting the ministry of George Fox. Gift annuities provide fixed payments for the life of one or two individuals. [Example]


  • Payout is fixed and never varies
  • Payout rate based on age – the older the recipient, the higher the payout rate
  • Portion of each payment may be tax free
  • Income tax deduction available when annuity is established
  • Capital gains, if applicable, are spread over the life of the annuitant


  • Deferred gift annuity for retirement planning. [Example]
  • Elective commencement date deferred annuity. [Example]
  • College gift annuity for grandchild's college education. [Example]
  • Installment payment gift annuity. [Example]

Gift Annuity Rates
(one life)
Gift Annuity Rates
(two lives)
Age Rate Age Rate
65 5.7% 65, 65 5.4%
70 6.1% 70, 70 5.6%
75 6.7% 75, 75 6.0%
80 7.6% 80, 80 6.6%
85 8.9% 85, 85 7.4%
90+ 10.5% 90+, 90+ 8.7%

For more information about charitable gift annuities, please contact Dave Adrian by e-mail at or phone at 503-554-2113. Financial and tax deduction calculations, customized gift plan proposals and counsel are available at no charge or obligation.