1. Student Fund Enabling affordability and life-changing opportunities

The Student Fund makes a tremendous difference for students, many of whom could not attend George Fox University without your help.

Why give to the Student Fund?

  • Tuition covers only a portion of our students’ costs. Your gifts bridge the gap.

  • Annual contributions convey value to other donors, foundations and colleges.

  • The Student Fund provides scholarships, spiritual formation, technology upgrades, academic programs and student services.


Incoming students received merit- and need-based scholarships in the last 3 years


Amount of aid awarded in 2016-17

Student Fund

With your help, George Fox will continue to develop Christian leaders for the next 125 years.

2017-18 Fundraising Goal: $700,000

Micah Scott

“I am a homeless student attending a private Christian university. I was told many times I would not be able to attend this school, but God has provided through generous people, and I have been blessed with a very loving and helpful financial aid counselor.”

– Micah Scott, Christian Ministries Major, ’18

2. Endowment Ensuring George Fox University’s long-term health

If you care passionately about the university and are dedicated to sustaining its mission indefinitely, establishing an endowment fund provides a lasting investment.

Why give to the Endowment?

  • When you create an endowment, your invested funds generate income that benefits the university and its students not only during your lifetime, but also for future generations.

  • A strong endowment strengthens the university by providing scholarship funds, enhancing our ability to recruit world-class faculty, and enriching programs and curriculum.

With your help, George Fox will continue to develop Christian leaders for the next 125 years.

2017-18 Fundraising Goal: $1,000,000

The reach and influence of George Fox has grown rapidly in recent years,

yet contributions toward our endowment have not kept pace.

NACCAP School Endowment Endowment per student
Wheaton College $196,000,000 $122,000
Linfield $103,500,000 $61,497
Westmont College $84,400,000 $56,358
Whitworth University $98,900,000 $41,388
University of Portland $140,200,000 $34,350
Biola University $105,400,000 $20,107
Seattle Pacific University $87,800,000 $17,255
Northwest Nazarene Univ. $21,073,000 $15,128
George Fox University $20,894,426 $8,006
Azusa Pacific University $58,943,568 $5,733
Corban University $3,000,000 $2,221

“With your support you are assuring the next generation that you see something that is worth believing in; sometimes all we need is somebody to say ‘I believe in you,’ and the rest is history.”

– Chandler Brutscher, Studio Arts and Spanish Major, ’16

Chandler Brutscher
3. Capital Projects Providing students with spaces to learn with the best tools alongside dedicated faculty mentors.

Students continue to be drawn to our Be Known promise in record numbers. George Fox University’s enrollment has grown 254 percent since 1990. With this growth, our physical space must continue to meet high standards for learning and engagement opportunities.

Engineering Innovation Center

Since the engineering program launched in 2002, the department has grown tenfold. To accommodate this exciting growth, we have remodeled the former Klages Dining Room into a collaborative design center or "Collaboratory."

This priority initiative will help fully outfit the new center with state-of-the-art equipment to better prepare engineering students for their careers.

Center for Engineering Design & Innovation

Engineering Innovation Center Details:

  • Provides 15,000 additional square feet of space to our engineers, including a 6,000-square-foot configurable “maker space.”

  • Machine and woodworking shop, manufacturing and prototyping lab, design rooms, an environmental lab, geotechnical transportation space, and tool room.

  • Includes open space where students from other majors can participate in design projects and be inspired by each other’s creations.

  • Center opened in fall 2016, and thanks to our generous donors, more than $300,000 in new equipment has already been purchased. Additional equipment will be added as funds become available.

Your gift will enable more students to develop into humanitarian inventors and forward-thinking engineers.

2017-18 Fundraising Goal: $500,000

Micah Scott

“I enjoy making people’s lives better, so I know if I’m designing a structure or designing a bridge that’s going to benefit someone down the road. Fox embodies that mission.”

– Grant Schroeder ‘18

Be Known for the difference you make.

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