Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program Philosophy

Eduational Philosophy at George Fox University

George Fox's MAT program is designed to prepare new teachers to think critically, transform practice, and promote justice in the complex environment of PreK-12 public and private education. MAT graduates have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to facilitate learning in classrooms, make informed decisions as school leaders, and be a vital member of the local community as a teacher.

Become a teacher who is able to …

Think Critically

MAT candidates seek multiple perspectives, imagine possibilities, formulate wise decisions, anticipate paradigm shifts, love learning, and make inferences based upon evidence. To think critically involves data collection, analysis, planned movement forward, and post evaluation of the active construction of meaning. Innovation is embraced and anticipated in an active pursuit of knowledge to support teaching and learning.

George Fox MAT graduates are characterized by curiosity and a vibrant, inquiring mind in the continuous quest for discovery.

Transform Practice

MAT candidates use technology, research, subject knowledge, and effective oral and written communication to enhance student learning; they analyze, debrief, and abstract from their own experiences and the experiences of others for the purpose of continuous improvement and assuming leadership in reforming practice at their institutions.

George Fox MAT graduates transform practice through deliberate, reflective and intentional action.

Promote Justice

MAT candidates advocate for the needs of all students by acting to ensure that all students can learn, and widen students' understandings by teaching about and modeling what it means to "love one's neighbor." The actions of the candidate reveal commitment to the belief that all can learn, to democratic values of preparing young people for equal and responsible citizenship and productive adulthood, and a commitment to "unlearning" viewpoints that keep us from loving our neighbor fully.

George Fox MAT graduates directly confront oppression, are committed to ethical practice, empathy, compassion, and are deeply caring.

The MAT program requires that teachers thoroughly understand the subject matter being taught, including an understanding of the nature and structure of knowledge in the various disciplines, and the interrelatedness of all knowledge. Teachers must be able to create and manage classrooms and learning experiences that connect subject matter knowledge to the diverse, lived worlds of students in a way that meets individual needs, developmental levels, and learning styles.

George Fox MAT graduates are prepared for this challenge through foundational course work combining theory and practice, and supervised field experiences and student teaching in which knowledge, skills, and dispositions are practiced, sharpened and demonstrated.