Higher Education Concentration

Doctor of Education Program

Who it's for

  • Individuals currently working or aspiring to work as leaders in higher education (Dean, Provost) or as university administrators (student life, recruitment etc.)
  • Community college or university faculty (other than teacher education) seeking a terminal degree in educational leadership
  • Individuals associated with higher educational organizations such as accreditation bodies, governmental agencies, and philanthropic organizations


  • Teaching & Learning in Higher Education (3 credits)
  • Higher Education History and Current Practice (3)
  • Higher Education Leadership and Management (3)
  • Contemporary Issues in Higher Education (3)


  • Improve decision making at all levels of the institution, providing wise care of the structures, values, practices, and persons who live and work in institutions of higher education
  • Recognize and assess contemporary issues at play in institutions of higher education, bringing a scholarly dimension to institutional roles and responsibilities
  • Strengthen faculty roles, providing historical, philosophical and organizational insights and perspectives to address contemporary academic challenges and to guide the development and improvement of curriculum and instruction
  • Improve administrative practice at the institutional level, bringing theory and relevant scholarship to bear on institutional development and change
  • Identify and examine relevant management functions at work in contemporary higher education, applying cogent leadership theories to address the challenges and concerns facing educational institutions

Transfer Credit

Six credit hours post Master’s can be considered for transfer.

Curriculum Sequence





Year One

Intro to Qual/Quant Research (3)
Leadership Core (3)
Colloquium (1)

Research in Effective Teaching (3)
Concentration course (3)

Political/Social Perspectives of Education (3)
Concentration course (3)

Year Two

Faith and Learning (3)
Ethics, Equity & Justice (3)
Colloquium (1)

Educational Statistics (3)
Concentration course (3)

Critical Research Skills (3)
Concentration course (3)

Year Three

Advanced Qualitative   or 
Advanced Quantitative (3)
Elective (3)
Colloquium (1)

Dissertation (4)
Elective (3)
Dissertation (4)