Scot Headley

Scot Headley, PhD


Doctor of Education Program


Scot Headley has taught at George Fox for more than 15 years. His PhD is in comprehensive vocational education, from Ohio State University. His MEd in guidance and counseling and BS in agriculture education are both from Colorado State University. He worked as a high school and community college teacher for 11 years in Aurora, Colo.

Scot and his wife Debbie have been married for more than 30 years. They have seven children and are members at North Valley Friends Church in Newberg. Scot serves on the Christian Education Committee at North Valley and as the co-clerk of the meeting. Debbie is a social activist and marathon racer.

Research Agenda

Headley's scholarly interests include internet-based teaching and learning and the professional development of educators.

Recent publications and presentations

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