Terry Huffman

Terry Huffman

Doctor of Education Program

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Terry Huffman came to George Fox University in 2003 as a member of the Department of Sociology and Social Work and joined the School of Education in the fall of 2006. Dr. Huffman received his PhD in sociology from Iowa State University, specializing in race and ethnic relations and sociology of the family. Previous to joining the George Fox University faculty, Dr. Huffman was associate professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Sociology at the University of North Dakota. His research on American Indian education was recognized by the South Dakota Council for Reconciliation for its contribution toward improved racial relations.

A Study on the Role of Native Culture in the Teaching Experiences of American Indian Educational Professionals

During 2010-2011, Dr. Huffman will be conducting research on the experiences with and perceptions on teaching on reservations (or tribal designated areas) among American Indian educational professionals. The study investigates the manner in American Indian teachers connect their Native cultural heritage and their practices as teachers, intrinsic rewards, challenges they face, and long-term career plans.

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Ph.D. Sociology, Iowa State University (1988)
M.A. Sociology, Marshall University (1983)
B.S. Sociology, University of South Dakota (1981)

Selected Publications and Presentations


Huffman, T. E. (2010). Theoretical perspectives on American Indian education. Lanham, MD: AltaMira Press.

Huffman, T. E. (2008). American Indian higher educational experiences: Cultural visions and personal journeys. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Journal Articles

Huffman, T. E. (2008). Factors associated with the personal assessment of college among American Indian students at a rural university. The Rural Educator, 29(3), 18-29.

Huffman, T. E. (2001). Resistance theory and the transculturation hypothesis as explanations of college attrition and persistence among culturally traditional American Indian students. Journal of American Indian Education, 40(3), 1-23.


Huffman, T. E. (1997). The transculturation of Native American students. In J. J. Macionis & N.V. Benokraitis (Eds.), Seeing ourselves: Classic, contemporary, and cross-cultural readings in sociology, (pp. 211-219). Upper River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

Huffman, T. E. (1996). Assimilated American Indian students: A closer look. In T. E. Schirer S. M. Schacher (Eds.), Celebration of indigenous thought and expression, (pp. 31-47). Sault Ste. Marie, MI: Lake Superior State University Press.


Huffman, T. E. (2009, November). Cultural visions, personal visions: The higher educational experiences of American Indian students. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Conference of Education, Research, and Innovation, Madrid, Spain.

Huffman, T. E. (2008, October). Encounters with academia: Higher educational experiences of Native American students at a rural university. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association, Edmond, Oklahoma.

Previous Honors

Burlington-Northern Faculty Achievement Award

Appointed by the Board of Regents to the South Dakota American Indian Studies Council

Research on American Indian higher education recognized by the South Dakota Council for Reconciliation for its contribution toward improved    racial relations.

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