Admissions Essay

George Fox University

The School of Education has identified a Conceptual Framework and Professional Dispositions to guide our preparation of school professionals.

Your personal essay must provide examples and reflections for each of the Conceptual Framework and Professional Dispositions elements including how your specific experiences address these elements. The essay should include a self-assessment stating your strengths and areas of desired growth for each element. It should also describe your present goals and academic interests with an explanation of how your prior experience has contributed to these goals and interests. Essays should follow APA format and be 3-5 pages in length.

Conceptual Framework

  • Think Critically: Candidates seek multiple perspectives, imagine possibilities, formulate wise decisions, anticipate paradigm shifts, love learning, and make inferences based on evidence.
  • Transform Practice: Candidates use technology, research, subject knowledge and effective oral and written communication to enhance student learning; analyze, debrief, and abstract from their own experience for the purposes of transforming practice; take the lead in reforming practice at their institutions.
  • Promote Justice: Candidates act to ensure that all students and clients can learn; advocate for the needs of all students by promoting justice; widen students' understandings by teaching about and modeling what it means to "love one's neighbor."

Professional Dispositions

  • Commitment to Courage: Candidates act upon the knowledge that all children and adults can learn, recognize injustice and take steps to correct it, confront negative school culture with positive action and are visionary by taking course work and turning it into vision.
  • Commitment to Integrity: Candidates practice reflexivity with themselves and others, take ownership for resolving differences, believe in the power of community and act within it, practice truthfulness, use educational experience to remake or evolve sense of self and professional identity and know that to "not know the answer" is to remain humble and a life long learner.
  • Commitment to Seeking Multiple Perspectives: Candidates practice empathy, tolerance, collaboration, compassion. Candidates reframe situation and individuals to believe the best of people and situations.