EDFL Course Registration


If you have any questions concerning the courses listed or your specific program requirements, contact your advisor or the instructor of record.

For a list of available courses, see the George Fox University class schedule.

General Information

Enrollment Confirmation

All students who are registered for courses must confirm their enrollment for each semester in which courses are taken. Click here for more information.

Online Courses

Our online courses have published start and ending dates.  On the first day of the published start date, you need to access the course in FoxTALE, our online course management system.  When you register for an online course, you are automatically enrolled into the FoxTALE course. However, each professor may have a course password which you will need prior to accessing the course.

Professors will communicate online course instructions and requirements via George Fox email, so be sure that you have your George Fox mail set to forward to your preferred email account (this is done through MyGFU). If you are taking a course that meets totally online, we recommend you contact the instructor of the course once you register to be sure of course start and ending dates and other requirements.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are a combination of face-to-face and online instruction. In MyGFU, the online beginning and end dates are published as well as the specific face-to-face dates. Most hybrid courses begin online prior to and end after the face-to-face dates. Courses that have a section designator ending with "H" are hybrid courses - for example, EDFL 572 AH.

Do not wait until the first face-to-face session to begin your course. If you have registered for a hybrid course, it begins on the first day of the published online date range. You should receive information from the instructor shortly before class begins though your George Fox email address.

If you have any questions about the start date of any course, please contact the instructor of record.