ELI Code of Conduct

Students must devote time and effort to their studies in order to be successful academically. Homework assignments and in-class participation are important parts of the learning process.  Attendance and punctuality are required for every class hour. Students are expected to come to class with necessary books and study supplies, and they should be alert and participate actively.

Students must prepare for each class. On average, students are expected to study outside of class at least two hours for every hour spent in class. They should plan their time so that they complete each assignment on schedule and have it ready to turn in at the beginning of class. In addition to study time, students should schedule enough time for meals and a healthy amount of sleep, physical exercise, and social activity.

Learning English well is important so that students can learn and express their learning according to the University’s standards of academic honesty. Students must not cheat or plagiarize. Plagiarism is the use of another person’s words or ideas without giving that person credit. The sources of all information and ideas must be cited in written and oral assignments. When words are copied from any source, the source must be cited and the fact that they are copied must be indicated through explanation and appropriate punctuation.

Because plagiarism may be a sign of inadequate English proficiency, in cases of plagiarism the English Language Institute faculty may consider whether to move a student to a lower level or require a student to repeat a level. In all departments of the university, students who plagiarize may have to rewrite the paper, receive a grade of “F” on the paper, receive a grade of “F” in the course, or—for students who plagiarize several times—be required to leave George Fox University.

In and out of the classroom, students in the English Language Institute must follow the George Fox University community standards at all times. Examples of behaviors that are not allowed include: smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs not prescribed by a physician, sexual relations outside of marriage, gambling, vandalism, pornography, theft, and possession or use of firearms or explosives at the University. Details are provided in the Student Handbook.

Studying in a different country can be challenging, so students should keep in mind that various people at George Fox University are available to provide moral support and assistance. Students who are facing an academic or personal problem should contact a teacher, advisor, resident assistant, counselor, or other employee of George Fox University as soon as possible for help in addressing the problem.