English Language Institute Curriculum

In the ELI, students are assigned to different levels according to their placement test scores and faculty evaluation. Each level takes most students one semester to complete.

In intermediate level courses, students begin to develop academic English skills. An important focus is developing fluency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

In the advanced level, you will be enrolled in a regular course for credit, such as a history course or a communication course. The ELI courses at the advanced level help you to develop the skills you need to understand and learn the content of the regular course and to demonstrate your learning in assignments, discussions, papers, and exams.

In the high advanced level, you will be enrolled in two regular courses, including BIBL 103 Introduction to Biblical Knowledge (a general education course for students from China who are not familiar with the Bible). The ELI courses at the high advanced level focus on building vocabulary, improving accuracy, and becoming proficient in a variety of academic tasks.

New ELI students participate in a one-hour tutorial with an American student for conversation or additional assistance with English skills. Continuing ELI students may choose to enroll in this tutorial also.

In addition to ELI courses, students may enroll in a physical education or music course for credit. While you are enrolled in the ELI, you may take a maximum of 4 hours of non-ESL classes each semester, subject to the approval of your advisor.

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The decision to advance to the next level or to exit the program is based on a student’s performance and progress in classes throughout the semester.

During each semester, the teachers observe:

  • the student’s abilities in action
  • the student’s motivation
  • the quality of the student’s work
  • how the student’s English skills improve

The normal way to advance from one level to the next is by passing every class with at least a “C-minus” (70%).

Any student who receives less than a “C-minus” in any course will meet with an ELI faculty advisor to determine an appropriate plan for the following semester, which may include repeating the same level.

A student must demonstrate certain competencies to be able to enroll in a certain level. Normally, by doing assignments and participating in classes at one level, students develop the competencies required to enter the next level.

The requirements for ELI students to begin their disciplinary studies as regular full-time George Fox University students are:

  1. Write at level 4 or higher on the ELI writing test.
  2. Successfully complete the advanced level of the ELI with a grade of at least C in every class.
  3. Earn a grade of at least C (no less than 70%) in the designated regular academic course.
  4. Receive the recommendation of ELI faculty based on English language skills and academic performance.

Students receive academic credit for their intensive English course work in the English Language Institute as follows: up to 16 credits for 100-level courses and up to 15 credits for 200-level courses. Up to six of these credits may be considered general education credit in the Global and Cultural Understanding category. Remaining credits count as elective credit toward a bachelor’s degree.