ELI Placement Test

New students take a placement test to inform faculty in deciding their level. The placement test assesses students’ competence in grammar, writing, reading, listening and speaking in relation to the skills required at each level of instruction in the ELI.

The grammar section of the test consists of a series of sentences. In each sentence, one or more words have been deleted. Several options are provided in a multiple-choice format. Students choose the grammatically correct option to complete each sentence. (20 minutes)

For the reading section of the test, students read a text and answer multiple-choice questions about it. (60 minutes)

The listening section of the test consists of a listening dictation, a lecture from which students take notes, and a comprehension section in which students use their lecture notes to answer comprehension questions. (60 minutes)

For the writing section of the test, students receive a writing topic and have 30 minutes to write an essay. They then have 20 minutes to edit the essay, using a dictionary, if desired. (50 minutes)

The oral section of the placement test consists of three elements: a brief interview, an oral reading, and a one-minute speech. (10 minutes)