Preparation for Studying at ELI

Students may receive their visa a number of months before the beginning of the academic year at George Fox University.  The English Language Institute advises students to use these months to maintain and improve their English language skills.

Recommended activities include:
  • Reading in English for pleasure novels, magazines, websites and blogs.
  • Viewing English language videos, with or without English captioning.
  • Taking notes while listening to lectures in English. You may do a Google search for “lectures”
    and choose a site with free lectures to stream or download.
  • Using English in conversation (in an English club, for example).
  • Keeping a diary or journal in English with written summaries and responses to readings and videos.
  • Corresponding in English with someone in another country.
  • Using various resources, including internet websites, to practice using correct grammar.

Spending some time each day using English will develop fluency and vocabulary. This will help students adjust to an English-language environment more easily and achieve a higher level of success in their English Language Institute coursework.