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English Language Institute

The English Language Institute ("ELI") at George Fox University can help you to develop your English so you can study
in the United States.

Special Features

  • No minimum English proficiency is required for admission to the English Language Institute.
  • Successful completion of the advanced level in the English Language Institute satisfies English proficiency requirements for admission to George Fox University.
  • Students earn academic credit for intermediate and advanced level English as a Second Language courses ("ESL"). Click here for more information about the ESL program.
  • Advanced level students take a content course for academic credit along with ESL.
  • ELI students are integrated into life at George Fox University.
  • The average ELI class size is about ten students, so teachers and students know each other better.
  • The George Fox University campus, located in the small town of Newberg, Oregon, is safe and friendly, and is close to recreation areas and urban Portland.

ELI Curriculum

eli two guys ELI students are assigned to different levels according to placement test scores and faculty evaluation. Lower level courses teach basic English skills; intermediate level courses focus on academic English skills. Click here to view descriptions of the courses at each level.

In the advanced level, ELI students enroll in a regular content course, such as history or sociology, for credit. The ESL courses at the advanced level teach skills necessary to understand and learn the content of the history or sociology course and to demonstrate each student's learning with the use of assignments, discussions, papers, and exams.

During fall semester, all new George Fox University students take a course called Freshman Seminar. Advanced level students enroll in a Freshman Seminar class with other incoming freshmen. Other ELI students take a special ESL Freshman Experience course.

New ELI students participate in a one-hour tutorial with an American student for conversation or additional assistance with English skills. Continuing ELI students can enroll in this tutorial also.

In addition to ELI courses, students may enroll in a physical education or music course for credit. With the approval of each student's advisor, ELI students can take a maximum of four hours of non-ESL classes each semester.

Campus Housing for ELI Students

George Fox University at Newberg is a residential campus. Most undergraduate students live on campus in dorm rooms, apartments or houses. ELI students also live on campus with American roommates. Most new students will live in a room with one other person, although some students may live with several students in a suite, house, or apartment.

Hobson Apartments

All students living in residence halls are required to participate in the campus meal plan.

Living on campus with American roommates gives international students a great opportunity to develop social English skills and learn about the culture of their peers in the United States. It helps integrate international students into campus life and opens the way to developing cross-cultural friendships.

Opportunities to Participate
in the University Community

ELI students have many opportunities to participate in the George Fox University community while they study at an American university.

girl with clippers

Each ELI student has an American roommate and an American conversation partner. ELI students can participate in many campus events, such as Serve Day. On Serve Day, students, faculty, and staff work together to serve people in the local community. ELI students also participate in new student orientation activities and seminars, chapel, residence hall activities, and many other cultural and social activities organized by faculty and students on campus.

All ELI students participate in Class Observation Week, which is offered in the middle of each semester. During this week, ELI students visit regular classes on campus to learn about the academic aspects of the university. Past ELI students say that Class Observation Week helps them to understand what skills they need to develop in order to be successful in regular classes. This also helps them to learn about the many academic disciplines at George Fox University, and introduces them to professors and their styles of teaching.

eli martha

crater lakepumpkin patchWe believe that the best way to learn language skills is to use the skills in meaningful contexts. Therefore, all advanced level students enroll in one content course for regular academic credit each semester. A different course is selected each semester. Examples are sociology, U.S. history, cultural anthropology, and the history of western civilization. The accompanying ESL courses support students as they develop the academic English and study skills they need to succeed in an American university course.

hawaii culture

ELI students also serve as sources of knowledge and insights for the general student population. Each year ELI students participate in Cultural Celebration Week when they present cultural artifacts, information, and demonstrations in a cultural fair. Some ELI students also make presentations in classes and at chapel.

Students in the ELI are an important resource to enhance the cross-cultural experience of all George Fox University students. At times, ELI students may be guests in classes focusing on intercultural communication or other topics of interest. Some professors plan cultural themes for Class Observation Week so that ELI students may participate in and contribute useful information to the class.

International Student Services

The office of International Student Services is a campus resource for meeting the needs that are unique to international students. The director, Alex Pia, provides services such as planning an orientation program for new international students, establishing Friendship Family relationships for all incoming international students, and providing personal and academic counseling.

In addition, the office of International Student Services provides visa information regarding Immigration and Naturalization Services regulations. The director assists international students with various functions such as maintaining student status, extension of program, transfer of schools, permission for employment, and visits abroad during breaks and reentry.

In short, the office of International Student Services is a place where international students will find a friend to answer any questions or provide any help an international student may need.

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